Bionic Gym Has A Much Faster Shopify Store: Here's What We Did

Bionic Gym Has A Much Faster Shopify Store: Here's What We Did

Bionic Gym needed to boost their sales, and they knew a great way to do this was to have a fast store. 

A great fitness brand revolutionizing exercising, Bionic Gym carries products that help fitness enthusiasts improve their cardio fitness.

Bionic Gym needed to make more sales and they knew optimizing their Shopify store was the way to go. 

 It’s important to find ways that help people train and exercise more. Exercise needs to be something for real people in their real lives, something that they’ll actually do. BionicGym isn’t just a hack for athletes. It’s also for busy people who want to get back into shape but might not have the time..
Louis Crowe

The Challenge 

Using their site, Bionic Gym could now reach a wider customer base, making sure their impact is felt across the globe. 

It became vital that they begin to find new ways to improve their Shopify site regularly. To do this, they found new ways to upgrade their store, adding more themes, apps, product images, and lines of code targeted at ensuring that site users enjoyed an excellent user experience. 

However, as time went on, they began to notice a couple of problems with the store. One of such was that their store pages took even longer to load; they started to notice this when there was a huge drop in their sales. 

Looking to identify what was responsible for this, they noticed that their bounce rates had drastically improved as their page loading time went up. 

To boost their sales and get their conversion rates, it became imperative that Bionic Gym optimize their store speed immediately. 

How Bionic Gym Found EcomExperts

As a leading Shopify speed optimization agency, EcomExperts has most information and resources guaranteed to help Shopify merchants improve their store speed. In their search for help with their store speed, Bionic Gym soon came across EcomExperts and, after browsing through our wealth of information, soon realized that we were the site maintenance agency they needed. 

Going on our website, they quickly booked a free consultation with our sales rep Angie. Angie talked them through the possible problems they might be facing with their store speed and how we could help them. Once the call was done, Angie sent over a contract with the terms and conditions for our optimization services. 

What We Did 

Next, Angie then sent over the Bionic Gym speed optimization project to our team of developers. The devs first ran a speed test on the store, revealing a speed score of 28. 

Next, The team found that the loading scripts utilized in the store were responsible for a big percentage of the store's speed performance difficulties after looking at the waterfall findings. EcomExperts developers then boosted the store's speed score by introducing lazy-loading scripts for applications, content for headers, and other non-critical scripts.

They also: 

  • Fixed core vitals audits and opportunities which reduce mobile and desktop scores. 
  • Removed unused/residual codes 
  • Cleaned up clutter on the store: unused templates, theme files, unused fonts and so on 
  • Restructured sections (sliders) where needed 

By adding an intentional delay on non-critical scripts, pictures, and videos, which is worth noting. We did this to guarantee that the store's essential assets loaded quickly, improving the user experience.


For EcomExperts, speeding up the Bionic Gym Shopify business was all in a day's work. Our crew was able to improve the store's speed score above 90 in just one day.

The team got the Bionic Gym speed score from 28 to 93.

Having any trouble with your store's sales? Send us a message today for a free consultation on how we can get your speed score up in no time!

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