How Happy Coffee Mobile Speed Score Went From 16 to 93

How Happy Coffee Mobile Speed Score Went From 16 to 93

In the same way, a cup of great coffee kicks start your day; Happy Coffee brings a smile to the faces of their customers every day. A small, owner-run coffee company with a heart founded in 2008, Happy Coffee was established with a goal to bring the best taste into cups while supporting environmentally conscious cultivation under fair conditions.

Because outstanding coffee makes everyone a little happier: from smallholders to customers, Happy Coffee has simply described its values as : 

  • Freshly roasted
  • Acted directly
  • Simply good

So, whether you are looking for espresso, filter coffee, fully automatic machines, or decaffeinated, there is something for everyone in the Happy Coffee Shopify store!



In 2007, Heidi and Christian came up with the idea behind Happy Coffee when they began to look more closely at the topic of sustainable consumption. They wanted to advocate choosing food more consciously, paying attention to top quality and socially responsible production. 

Coffee was a predestined product for this - because consumers at the time preferred to buy cheap - and then wondered why it didn't taste good. In doing so, they ignored the fact that the price war was fought on the backs of the coffee farmers, who get far too little of the cake at dumping prices.

Heidi and Christian started off by writing about the fair coffee trade and an environmentally conscious lifestyle in our Happy Coffee blog. By 2015, they decided to translate their texts into deeds and, as a couple, turned their blog into a coffee company. They had tremendous help while making this change from their partner coffee roastery, with whom they still work on a family basis and share the same ideals.

What differentiates Happy Coffee from other coffee brands, you might ask? There's only one major difference, and that is IT IS FRESH. Since the Happy Coffee brand was built on viewing coffee as a fresh product, you wouldn't find Happy Coffee in supermarkets - only on their Shopify store. 

By doing this, they ensure that customers only receive the best, super fresh, fragrant beans. The Happy Coffee watchword is "Only a happy bean is a good bean." Hence, the brand wants to show coffee lovers that there is a world beyond supermarket coffee where freshness, quality, and social responsibility make a difference. Fairly traded, high-quality coffee simply tastes better for you and your conscience. Happy coffee, happy people!

The Challenge

Every business hopes to grow at some point, and for small businesses slowly climbing the ladder of success, they are often on the lookout for new ways to improve their services and keep their customers satisfied. Another notable feature of a growing small business is that over time, as the business grows, its customer base also increases. This means the business now has to focus on retaining these customers while bringing more in. 

With a model business plan, uniqueness, and quality, not before long, Happy Coffee began to grow and expand. In order to stay on track with their growth, they began to add more functionality and apps to their store, targeted at improving the store and its users' experience. 

However, not surprisingly, the more apps and functionality they added to the Happy Coffee store, the slower it became. While these apps and functionality were expected to make the store better and ensure that customers enjoyed shopping in the store, the reverse was the case. 

Instead of working as expected, these apps clogged up the page loading time of the Happy Coffee Shopify store. This meant increased bounce rate, lower sales, fewer conversions, and low search rankings on Google. 

Once it became clear how badly the Happy Coffee store was affected by its slow page speed, the next course of action became to make their store lightning fast. 

How Met

Like every business that identifies a problem with the brand, Happy Coffee began to search for a long-lasting solution to its site problems. The goal was simple; find the best Shopify maintenance store, hire them and get the Happy Shopify store fast ASAP!

While searching for a Shopify maintenance store, it didn't take long for Happy Coffee to come across the world's leading speed optimization agency EcomExperts. Heidi and Christain saw a video by Andrew from EcomExperts on the importance of fixing your Shopify site speed and the problems a slow loading site can cause your business. 

Once they identified that these problems were very similar to theirs, they soon got in contact with an representative. After a detailed consultation on their stores, their expectations, and how EcomExperts could help, and Angie, their dedicated account manager from EcomExperts, agreed to make the Happy Coffee store a leading store in the Shopify marketplace. 

It's really easy to work with people as they are responsive when it comes to the things we need for the project, and they value customer service that much that even if they are dealing with other people, you'll feel how appreciative they are.


How Happy Coffee Mobile Speed Score Went From 16 to 93

Once EcomExperts and Happy Coffee reached a partnership agreement, Angie sent over a contract right away, which marked the start of a happy business relationship. Once the contract was signed and both parties satisfied, EcomExperts immediately assigned one of its senior developers, Farukh, to begin speeding up the Happy Coffee Shopify store.

The first thing Farukh and his team did was identify what exactly was affecting the Happy Coffee store site speed. team discovered that the scripts used on the page were responsible for all the site speed problems Happy Coffee was having. 

To fix this, he started by implementing the best speed maintenance techniques using loading scripts injected by apps, content for header, and other non-critical scripts.

The team also found that of the 15 apps installed on the Shopify store, 3 were not in use and acted as clogs slowing down the site. 

As an expert in his field, Farukh also identified and used other sophisticated speed optimization technique, including: 

  • lining critical CSS,
  • preloading CSS and
  • deferring off-screen images. team went on to optimize other resources, like non-critical scripts, images, and videos. To ensure that site users enjoy a quality site experience regardless of their internet connection, Farukh, in his site optimization, ensured that critical assets in the Happy Coffee Shopify store backend load as fast as possible. 

Results had completely optimized the Happy Coffee store in less than a day by cleaning up speed killers and improving its speed. The Happy Coffee Shopify store was ready to go live, and customers could now enjoy shopping in the store.

Happy Coffee PageSpeed on mobile went from 16 to 93 after the initial optimization:


Happy Coffee PageSpeed on desktop went from 34 to 96 after the initial optimization:



Happy Coffee success story is only one of many EcomExperts Shopify speed success stories; it is no surprise that we're the best speed optimization agency in the world.

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