How CaseCo Inc Got Its Speed Score Over 80

How CaseCo Inc Got Its Speed Score Over 80

Nothing makes a phone look better than the right phone cases, and CaseCO Inc's phone cases remain one of the best and their store onre of the fastest.

CaseCo Inc has revolutionized phone cases by making it their mission to connect people to better tech accessories with a greater sense of purpose beyond their immediate practical function.

With products made from recyclable materials and ethical manufacturing without child labor, CaseCo Inc's phone cases have grown increasingly popular. 

The popularity of CaseCo Inc has meant a larger customer base and more traffic to their Shopify store. 

"We understand what goes into starting a small business because we've been there. It is difficult getting clients and getting your feet off the ground, which is why it is our mission to alleviate the pains and worries of buying beauty equipoment for your business."
CEO, CaseCo Inc

The Challenge 

Like with every growing business CaseCo Inc is constantly searching for new ways to improve customer experience in their store. To create a better page experience, it became necessary to include new scripts and apps in their store. 

However, apps are known causes of slow site speed, and instead of increasing the functionality of their store, these add-ons did the exact opposite.

Another noticeable problem with CaseCos’s site was its poor UX design. Rather than improve user experience on the site, the previous UX instead made it entirely difficult for customers to find their way around the store without additional help.

It didn't take long for the CaseCo Inc store to become cluttered and eventually slow down tremendously. This became a huge problem, and the CaseCo Inc team's focus became finding a solution to this problem. 

How Found

While trying to find out the problem with their store, the CaseCo Inc team ran numerous tests on their store, including speed tests. The results of this speed test identified the major problem of the store to be slow site speed.

Once they identified this to be the problem of their store, the next step was figuring a way to optimize their site speed and getting their speed score up. 

To do this, it became clear that only an expert could get their site speed up and running ASAP. The CaseCo Inc's team soon came across the world's best Shopify speed optimization agency, EcomExperts. 

Looking over our previous work and results it became obvious that we were experienced in Shopify speed optimization, and they immediately got in contact with us. CaseCo Inc's demands were clear, make the store lightning-fast and move the speed score over 80. 

"We had no problem working with CaseCo Inc's site, in fact the team was very clear which was helpful."

How CaseCo Inc Mobile Speed Score Went From 8 to 82 In One Day

CaseCo Inc's team got in contact with Angie from EcomExperts, and after a quick consultation, Angie immediately sent over a contract with the terms and conditions. Once both parties agreed and signed on the contract, the job of speeding up the CaseCo Inc Shopify store was assigned to our expert developers. 

To figure out what was causing the slowdowns, the team performed speed tests on the CaseCo Inc Shopify store. Following these speed tests, we determined that the majority of the store's site performance issues were caused by scripts. Now that the problem had been identified, we soon began to correct it. 

The team utilized a clever approach of lazy-loading scripts injected by applications, content for header, and other non-critical scripts to combat the speed killers.

On theCaseCo Inc site, they discovered over 50 Shopify applications, with over 27 of them not in use. These were also to blame for the poor loading speed, so we identified and uninstalled any apps that were no longer in use, making sure to clean up the code in the process.

To optimize the CaseCo Inc Shopify store, the team employed performance optimization techniques that have been tested globally, such as:

- inlining critical CSS,

- preloading CSS 

- deferring off-screen images

-managing APPS priority and applying lazy loading on other apps. 

After that, we optimized non-essential scripts, pictures, and videos to ensure that all key materials loaded quickly, even with a slow internet connection.

As usual, we included a deliberate delay on non-critical scripts, pictures, and videos during his speed maintenance. These assets have been deferred to guarantee that critical assets load as quickly as possible, enhancing the user experience.


Our EcomExperts dev team performed an outstanding job speeding up CaseCo Inc's Shopify store, achieving a speed score of over 80 in less than a week. To guarantee that the speed score of the CaseCo Inc Shopify store rises, we used only industry-accepted optimization techniques and codes that complied with Google's criteria.


Are you an eCommerce shop with a revenue of over $200,000 and a goal of increasing your site's speed above 80? You'll need an expert Shopify Speed Optimization service like EcomExperts.

When your pipes get clogged you call a plumber, in the same way you call a speed optimization agency to optimize your site speed. We improve your site speed using the most up-to-date procedures and codes to ensure that it exceeds 80. 

We don't just fix your site's performance and send you on your way; we also provide you with a wealth of information on how to keep your shop running smoothly and identify problems that may be slowing it down, resulting in a better user experience for your site visitors and you being happier than when you arrived. 

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