How EcomExperts Carefully Optimized the Shopify Site Speed

How EcomExperts Carefully Optimized the Shopify Site Speed

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Jeff places customer satisfaction as one of its priorities, and they are always on the lookout for better ways to improve their customers' shopping experience.


A large business like is always looking out for new ways to improve customer experience. Being a Shopify store, the next course of action was to add more apps to their store to increase their functionality and improve user experience.

Predictably, the more apps and functionality they added to their store, the slower their store started to get. Loading speed went up, and it was closely followed by higher bounce rates, less conversions, and less sales. This meant that every time a customer attempted to purchase from the Shopify store, they had to deal with a slow loading store and, in some cases, abandon their purchase in total. 

With more bounce rates and lower conversions, it came as no surprise when started to rank lower compared to its competitors. 

With the store becoming cluttered and their page loading time going up, user experience worsened, which contradicted the whole purpose of including these functionalities. The next focus became fixing this speed problem. 

To do so, they need to find help and find it soon. 

How Found

After running several speed tests on their Shopify store, soon realized their sales problem was caused by slow site speed. Once they identified the cause, they had taken the first step to fix it by diagnosing the problem. 

Now it was time to find someone who could fix this problem. For a large eCommerce brand like, their Shopify store doubled as their office, the one place they could meet customers and sell to them. So, they couldn’t give the job of fixing their store’s speed to just anyone. 

It was paramount that they hand over their store to an expert, trustworthy Shopify speed optimization agency. 

While searching for the best of the best, it didn’t take long for the team to come across the best Shopify speed optimization agency in the world; EcomExperts. After finding EcomExperts, they watched a couple of our Speed YouTube videos and immediately got in contact with us and scheduled a brief consultation with our sales manager Kath. 

Once they identified areas of concern, the problems with the store, and what they wanted done, they were ready to hand over their store to us, and we were ready to fix it. 

Our goal was simple: reduce the page loading time of under 3 seconds and optimize its speed score over 80. 

How Mobile Speed Score Went From 12 to 95 In One Day

Following the consultation, Kath immediately sent over a contract with the terms and conditions; once both parties agreed and signed on the contract, EcomExperts could begin working on their store. The job of speeding up the Shopify store was assigned to Farukh - one of EcomExperts’ senior developers. 

Farukh started by running speed tests on the store to identify what was causing the speed problems. Farukh, after his speed tests, identified scripts used on the store to be responsible for most of its speed problems. Once he identified this, he could now start fixing it. 

To counter the speed killers, Farukh used a sophisticated technique of lazy-loading scripts injected by apps, content_for_header, and other non-critical scripts. 

He found over 66 Shopify apps installed on the website, and 32 of them were not in use. These were also responsible for the slow loading time, so Farukh identified and removed the apps that were not in use, making sure to clean up the code after. 

He also used internationally vetted speed optimization techniques, including: 

- inlining critical CSS,

- preloading CSS 

- deferring off-screen images

-managing APPS priority and applying lazy loading on other apps. 

Then went on to optimize non-critical scripts, images, and videos, making sure that all critical assets load fast even on poor internet connection. 

In his completed speed maintenance, Faruk noted an intentional delay on non-critical scripts, images, and videos. These assets have been delayed to ensure that critical assets load as fast as possible, improving user experience. 

Also, for some of the top-visited product pages, I had to manually edit the img and iframe snippet where applicable, within the product edit page, to lazy-load image(s) and/or iframe(s)




Our team at EcomExperts did an excellent job speeding up the Shopify store, getting its speed score over 90 in under 24 hours.

We got the mobile speed score up from 12 to 85. 

The desktop score also went from 49 to 95.

As with our standards, we made sure to only use industry-accepted optimization techniques, codes all in line with Google’s requirements to ensure that the speed of the Shopify store increases. 

Are you an eCommerce store making over $200,000 and looking to get your store speed over 80? To reach this number, you need an experienced Shopify Speed Optimization agency like EcomExperts. 

At EcomExperts, we're the best Speed Optimisation Agency globally, providing site maintenance services to Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. We do all of our speed optimization using the best techniques and codes to ensure that your store speed goes over 80+. 

We don't just fix your site speed and let you go; we also give you tons of advice on ensuring your store stays fast and identify problems that might slow down your store speed, creating a better user experience for your site users and leaving happier than you came. 

We'll offer you a free consultation; visit our website today to find out how to help you make your store one of the fastest Shopify stores.

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