How Lavinia Lingerie Got A Shopify Speed Score Over 80

How Lavinia Lingerie Got A Shopify Speed Score Over 80

Lavinia Lingerie is one of the fastest Shopify stores, thanks to us. 

Founded in 2002, Lavinia Lingerie is a family-owned business that sells beautiful, unique lingerie to its customers. Created to make you feel special, Lavinia Lingerie carries a wide range of bra and panty styles designed with comfort, support and dazzling designs to enhance your looks. 

With a wide range of lingerie and activewear, Lavinia's Shopify store is home to many feminine essentials. With incredible products and excellent service, it didn't take long for Lavinia Lingereie's audience to blow up. 

At the same time, more audience means more products and also more site upgrades. Eventually, the Lavinia Lingerie site gradually slowed down; it took longer to load, sales dropped, and its Google ranking dropped. It became time to contact a speed optimization agency. 

We design our collection of lingerie with today's dynamic woman in mind.
Armands Kruze

The Challenge

Lavinia Lingerie's team understood the importance of a fast store. As such, the moment they noticed changes to their store's conversion rates and sales, they started looking for a solution. 

What Lavinia first noticed were the signs of a slow store: 

  • Increased page load time 
  • Reduced conversions 
  • Higher bounce rates
  • Lower sales 

The next step was to run a speed test on their store using Google Page Speed Insights. Once they realized their store speed fell below 50, they decided it was time to get help.

How Lavinia Lingerie Found EcomExperts

Lavinia Lingerie was referred to us by one of our previous clients, and they immediately got in contact with our accounts team. Their account was assigned to Kath, who immediately jumped on a call with them. 

Lavinia Lingerie was very clear about their demands; they wanted one of the fastest Shopify stores in the industry. 

After the call, the team agreed we were the right fit for their business, and we could start working on speeding up Lavinia Lingerie's Shopify store. 

What We Did 

Once the terms of the partnership were clear, Kath passed the store's details and demands to the Dev team, who immediately began working on the store. 

The first thing the dev team did was to check the store's 'before' speed score using TestMyStoreSpeed. The speed result showed a speed score of 12, and through the waterfall, they could identify what the problems were. 

Next, the devs moved to clean up the codes. As always, the team used only standard techniques in speed optimization. 

To properly optimize Lavinia lingerie's Shopify store, the team: 

  • Fixed core vitals audits and opportunities which reduce mobile and desktop scores. 
  • Removed unused/residual codes 
  • Cleaned up clutter on the store: unused templates, theme files, unused fonts and so on 
  • Restructured sections (sliders) where needed 
  • Applied lazy loading to prioritize and prioritize apps, JavaScript and CSS files
  • Minimize Javascript and CSS files

Once completed, the dev team passed the stack to the QI team for checks before submitting it to the account manager. 

After optimization, the store's speed score jumped to 88. 

Final Word 

As always, the team did a great job speeding up the Lavinia Lingerie store, making sure there were no pushbacks. 

Lavina Lingerie is one of the many Shopify stores EcomExperts has fully optimized. Your store can join the list; all you have to do is CONTACT US TODAY! 

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