How Priya's Teas Shopify Store Went From 31 To 95 Speed Score In A Week

How Priya's Teas Shopify Store Went From 31 To 95 Speed Score In A Week

Tea remains one of the most popular drinks globally; in fact, a report by Statista estimates that about 6.3 billion kilograms of tea were consumed in 2020.

Fun fact about tea,  did you know that you can enhance your personality by drinking tea?  Yes - you can with Priya’s Teas! 

Now you might ask, what differentiates Priya's Teas from other Teas, well one interesting detail you should know is that Priya's Teas is a business run by: a woman, an immigrant, a professor, and a mother. Another important detail is that their Shopify store contains a wide variety of tea types for each Zodiac sign.

Priya's Teas draw on the power of plants and spices, using the age-old practice of astrology to uncover which herbs enhance your personality and which spices help balance you out. When you prepare a tea crafted for your zodiac sign, you create a ritual, deepening your relationship with yourself. 

So while you sip a tea for your sun sign, remember to pay your moon and rising signs mind. Priya's Teas also include a blend for your emotional moon and for your ascendant personality too. 

The Challenge

As Priya's Teas business grew and their customer base expanded, they began adding more functionality to their store targeted at enhancing user experience. However with each functionality and app they added to the store, their page loading time increased drastically. 

Eventually, Priya's Teas website became cluttered and their loading speed went up to the point where their business wasn't able to operate properly. This poor user experience largely reduced the store’s conversion rates and sales, causing a lot of problems. As their bounce rates increased, it became a lot harder to convert clients, retain them and they couldn’t get Returns On Advertising Spend (ROAS). 

Hence, the biggest concern for Priya’s team became fixing their site loading speed to improve their conversions, ROAS and sales. To do all of this, the obvious solution was to FIX THEIR STORE SPEED. 

How Priya Met Kath

Once Priya's Teas diagnosed that the root of their problems was their slow website, they started looking for a specialized Shopify Speed Optimization Agency. As an eCommerce brand whose most important asset is their Shopify store, they couldn't just hire anyone. It was important only to hire the best of the best, to ensure that they get the job done and their store remains in prime condition. 

Not long after, Priya's teams came in contact with the world's leading Shopify Speed Optimization Company, EcomExperts, and partnered with Kath, our dedicated account manager. 

Project requirements were simple: Make Priya's Teas Shopify store lightning fast. 

How Priya's Teas Speed Score Went From 31 to 95 In One Day

After Priya and Kath agreed to the terms, Damiola - one of EcomExperts senior developers, started speeding up Priya's store.

The bulk of the speed killers were the scripts used on the page; Damiola implemented sophisticated techniques of loading scripts that were injected by apps, content for header, and other non-critical scripts.

Priya's Teas had 12 Shopify apps installed, 5 of them not in use. Damiola removed the apps that are not in use and cleaned up the code. 

Other optimization techniques used were:

  • inlining critical CSS,
  • preloading CSS and
  • deferring off screen-images.

Damilola optimized other resources, like non-critical scripts, images, and videos. All the critical assets are being loaded as fast as possible to ensure site users get a world-class experience even on a poor quality network. 

Speaking on his speed work for Priya's Teas, Damiola said, "Working on the Priya's Teas project was awesome for me. I loved the fact that they structured their website so well, and their simplicity was also on point; they didn't have so many unnecessary apps; hence it was easy to help in optimizing their store speed."


Damilola did such a great job cleaning up Priya's Teas stores, and in less than 24hours, Priya's teas store was optimized and ready to go live. 

Priya's teas initial Shopify speed score was 31, and after Damiola optimized it, it went to a staggering 95!


To achieve this, Damiola optimized all pages in the sales funnel, starting from the Homepage. This was the result: 

Homepage desktop score:

Homepage mobile score:


Product Page Desktop Score


Product Page Mobile Score



Collection Page Desktop Score



Collection Page Mobile Score


Priya’s Teas contacted us at EcomExperts with a major site speed problem and left with a site faster than most in the Shopify space. 

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