How SomaEnergetics Turned Sound Therapy into A Success Story

How SomaEnergetics Turned Sound Therapy into A Success Story

SomaEnergetics’ Shopify store remains one of the fastest in the e-commerce space thanks to us! Keep reading to find out how they got there. 

Sound therapy is an ancient form of healing that dates as far back as ancient Greece. In fact, it has become even more popular as an effective means to improve the physical and emotional well-being of individuals. 

The SomaEnergetics brand focuses on using a series of sound Therapy techniques which seek to awaken humanity to its potential as a universal human. To achieve this, they use the power of the ancient frequencies of the solfeggio.

Offering vibrational training in live workshops and via DVD Home Study Courses, SomaEnergetics has over two decades of experience creating high-quality custom tuning forks. 

With a great origin story, it is no surprise that SomaEnergetics strives to improve customer experience in every aspect. 

"We are trying to create a world that does not yet exist. What we love about creating this world is that we get to come to work at SomaEnergetics to inspire those who share our vision. The fun part is innovating new ways to inspire them to inspire others."
David Hulsen

The Challenge 

Growing to become one of the most popular sound therapy healers globally, SomaEnergetics has amassed a significant customer base over time. 

As an e-commerce store, their website doubled as their office where customers could purchase their training, tuning forks, and get in contact with them. As a result, they were always on the lookout for better ways to improve their customers' shopping experience in their store. 

SomaEnergetics wants to help their customers know who they are and connect with their body's inherent ability to heal itself; hence, it became vital that their store performs at its best capacity.

To improve customer experience in their store, they soon began to add more apps and new lines of code to their site. This was targeted at improving their UX, ensuring that customers found it easier to navigate browsing through the store and checking out their purchases.

Not surprisingly, the more apps and functionality they added to their store, the higher their loading time. So, it took longer for pages to load and customers began abandoning carts which increased their bounce rates. 

With Google now using site speed and user experience as the criteria for search ranking, SomaEnergetics’ store began to fall behind. The store dropped several pages below its competitors which started to affect their revenue. 

New customers could not find the store and old customers got frustrated while using the store. It became important that they optimize their site speed fast. 

How SomaEnergetics Found EcomExperts

Reduced sales, decreased page ranking, and lower conversions are only some of the problems caused by slow site speed. 

While searching for a great agency to handle their Shopify speed optimization, SomaEnergetics soon came across a speed optimization video by Andrew from EcomExperts. They soon identified that the speed killers in the video were similar to those faced by their store. 

Figuring this out, they ran speed tests on their store using TestMyStoreSpeed, and the results showed that their site speed was due for optimization. 

It didn't take long for SomaEnergetics to contact EcomExperts through Kath, who also doubled as their dedicated account manager.

In a brief consultation, Kath identified the problems with their store and how EcomExperts could fit it. Satisfied with this, she soon sent them the terms and conditions, which they agreed to. 

"We really enjoyed working on the SomaEnergetics store, the whole process from start to finish went on smoothly."

Speeding Up SomaEnergetics

Once the terms were agreed to, the job of speeding up the SomaEnergetics store was handed over to our developers at EcomExperts.

The first step the team made was to run a variety of speed tests on the store. Once done, we identified the bulk of the speed problems to be loading scripts used on the store. Now that we had identified them, we could begin fixing them. 

Our team injected lazy-loading scripts for apps, content for header, and other non-critical scripts to combat the speed killers to fix the loading scripts.

Next, the devs moved on to removing unused apps from the store. We identified 50 Shopify apps on the SomeEnergetics store, 27 of them were not in use. These unsed app contributed significantly to the store's slow speed. To fix this, our devs made sure to remove unused and duplicate apps, cleaning up the codes left behind. 

Other speed optimization techniques used in the optimization of the SomaEnergetics Shopify store include:

- inlining critical CSS,

- preloading CSS 

- deferring off-screen images

-managing APPS priority and applying lazy loading on other apps. 

To ensure that the store's speed becomes faster, we also made sure to optimize non-essential scripts, pictures, and videos to ensure that all critical materials loaded quickly, even with a slow internet connection.

Finally, the dev team added a deliberate delay on non-critical scripts, pictures, and videos. These assets have been deferred to guarantee that critical assets load as quickly as possible, enhancing the user experience.


Speeding up the SomaEnergetics Shopify store was all in a day's work for EcomExperts. Our team successfully got the store's speed score over 80 in only one day. 

We also made sure to use globally vetted and acceptable optimization techniques and codes that complied with Google's criteria.

Are you thinking of fixing your site speed? You need to hire the best of the best, and there's only one company that fits in that category; EcomExperts.

We don't just claim to be the best of the best but our results speak tremendously of our skills, We made sure to optimize Shopify site speed using most up-to-date procedures and codes to ensure that your speed score exceeds 80. 

We don't just fix your site's performance; our team also provides you with information to keep your shop running smoothly and identify problems that may be slowing it down, resulting in a better user experience for your site visitors and you being happier than when you arrived. 

We'll give you a free consultation; visit our website today to learn more about how we can help you make your Shopify store one of the best in the world.

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