How We Got Hedley & Bennett's Shopify Speed Score To 89

How We Got Hedley & Bennett's Shopify Speed Score To 89

Hedley & Bennett have made cooking more exciting with their professional, super functional aprons. Hedley & Bennett have created the perfect apron for cooking with the perfect pocket, strap, and stitch. 

Focusing on function and quality, every detail counts to H&B, which is why they make sure to use only the best fabric and hardware. 

As a brand that focuses on creating the perfect apron, H&B also needs a perfect store, so they came to us. They wanted their site speed fixed and needed the best experts for the job. 

Since 2012, we’ve been hustling to make the hardest working, best looking aprons and kitchen gear in the world.
Ellen Bennett

The Challenge

H&B team needed a fast store because they wanted only the best for their customers. So, they were on the lookout for new ways to improve their page user experience, making changes to match. 

H&B noticed: 

  • Increased page load time 
  • Reduced conversions 
  • Higher bounce rates
  • Lower sales 

As a store that pays close attention to detail, H&B immediately began to notice drops in their store’s conversion rates and sales, so they started looking for a solution. The next step was to check their store speed from the Shopify admin. Once they realized their store speed fell below 50, they decided it was time to get help.

How Hedley & Bennett Found EcomExperts

In their search for solutions to their site speed problems, H&B soon came across EcomExperts. They fixed a call with our accounts team and got connected with Kath. 

During the call, H&B was very clear in their demands; improve their site speed, conversions and sales. 

Once the details were finalized, the devs passed on the job of speeding up the Hedley & Bennett store to the dev team. 

What We Did 

The dev team started off by running a speed test on the Hedley & Bennett Shopify store, which revealed a speed score of 15. 

Next, they began to fix issues with the store’s speed using the waterfall. 

The team: 

  • Fixed core vitals audits and opportunities which reduce mobile and desktop scores. 
  • Removed unused/residual codes 
  • Cleaned up clutter on the store: unused templates, theme files, unused fonts and so on 
  • Restructured sections (sliders) where needed 
  • Applied lazy loading to prioritize and prioritize apps, JavaScript and CSS files
  • Minimize JavaScript and CSS files

To confirm the store’s progress, we ran another speed test on the store. The store’s speed score was now 89. 

Once they finished optimizing the store, the devs sent the site to the QI team, checking for any errors. After they confirmed no pushed backs, they sent over the newly optimized site to the accounts team. 

Final Word

A faster store means more money. If your store makes $1000 daily, a one-second delay can cause up to $25,000 in lost sales. 

Still, need a reason to optimize your store speed? You can make all of this money and much more. 

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