How We Got Keller International's Mobile Site Speed Above 80 in One Week

How We Got Keller International's Mobile Site Speed Above 80 in One Week

We made Keller International's Shopify Plus store one of the fastest in the eCommerce world. Since its establishment in 1999, Keller International has supplied its customers within the United States and Canada with quality barber and salon furnishings. Keller international create affordable, unique designs to fit your modern or classically inspired style.

Founded in a small garage, Keller has grown to be one of the largest barber equipment and salon furniture suppliers in the Us. In its 20 years of existence, Keller International has satisfied over 100,000 clients with superior salon equipment and furniture.

With a memorable startup and growth story, Keller International has made customer satisfaction its major goal, ensuring customers enjoy seamless service while shopping. Hence, they are constantly looking for new ways to improve their customer online shopping experience reducing difficulties and concerns associated with purchasing beauty equipment from their store. 

"We understand what goes into starting a small business because we've been there. It is difficult getting clients and getting your feet off the ground, which is why it is our mission to alleviate the pains and worries of buying beauty equipoment for your business."
Daisy Keller
CEO, Keller International

The Challenge

Like many large businesses focused on quality over quantity, Keller began sourcing for better ways to improve their customer experience. They understood two things; customers needed to be impressed to return, and to impress customers, their store needed to be perfect.  

So like with every merchant looking for a fix, Keller International began to add new lines of code and apps to their store to improve its functionality. As expected, it didn't take long for Keller's Shopify site speed to slow down. For every app and code added to the store, its loading speed increased, it became slower.

A slow store meant two things; no sales and no customers. For a large brand like Keller, this was a loss they could not afford, and it became vital that they fix their store speed and fix it ASAP. 

Keller strives for excellence in products and services, a value which their website also needed to imbibe. To improve the quality of their Shopify loading speed, Keller needed to hire the best Shopify development agency in the world. The next step was to start searching and searching fast. 

How Keller International Found

In their search for the best talent in the market, the Keller team soon came across EcomExperts, the best Shopify speed optimization agency. To make sure we were right for their team, they took a look at our case studies, results and mission. 

Once impressed by our performance, there was no reason not to reach out to us. Keller International contacted the team, and Kath was assigned as their dedicated account manager. 

There was only one requirement, to vastly improve Keller's Shopify speed score over 90+.

"It's really easy to work with Keller people as they are responsive when it comes to the things we need for the project, and they value customer service that much that even if they are dealing with other people, you'll feel how appreciative they are."

How Keller Mobile Speed Score Went from 8 to 85 in One Day

After a brief consultation, Kath immediately sent over a contract; once both parties agreed to the terms of the partnership, the task of speeding up Keller International's Shopify store could now begin.

The task of speeding up the Keller International Shopify store was assigned to EcomExperts' dev team, and senior dev Farukh was placed in charge of the project. 

The first step was to identify speed killers on the site, which the team discovered to be the scripts used on the page. The team adopted sophisticated techniques to fix this by using loading scripts injected by apps, content for header, and other non-critical scripts. 

Next, the team identified unused apps on the store which were also clogging up its site speed. To boost their store's functionality, Keller International had installed 52 Shopify apps; however, 23 of them were not in use and drastically slowed down the site. The team then removed the apps not in use, identified and removed duplicate apps before cleaning up the store's code.

We also used other accredited optimization techniques, including:

  • inlining critical CSS,
  • preloading CSS and
  • deferring off-screen images.

As we progressed, we optimized other resources like non-critical scripts, images, and videos. By the time we were done, the team made sure to double-check that all the critical assets of the Kessler store loaded as fast as possible to ensure site users get a world-class experience even on poor quality internet.


Not surprisingly, our team did a superb job cleaning up the Keller International Shopify store, and in less than 24hours, the Keller store was optimized and ready to go live. 

Are you an eCommerce shop with a revenue of over $200,000 and a goal of increasing your site's speed above 80? You'll need an expert Shopify Speed Optimization service like EcomExperts.

When your pipes get clogged you call a plumber, in the same way you call a speed optimization agency to optimize your site speed. We improve your site speed using the most up-to-date procedures and codes to ensure that it exceeds 80. 

We don't just fix your site's performance and send you on your way; we also provide you with a wealth of information on how to keep your shop running smoothly and identify problems that may be slowing it down, resulting in a better user experience for your site visitors and you being happier than when you arrived. 

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