How Prevail turned a healthy, family-owned, allergy-free beef jerky creation into a sweet success story

How Prevail turned a healthy, family-owned, allergy-free beef jerky creation into a sweet success story

We absolutely love success stories of family-owned businesses, and one of our favorite clients, Prevail Jerky, checks both boxes. A successful family-owned business, Prevail Jerky was ranked #1 jerky in Good Housekeeping Best Beef Jerky. It was also featured in Forbes - How To Pair Beef Jerky With Beer And Wine, Sold on 100+ locations in the US.

Founded by Ashley & Glen, Prevail Jerky is committed to making clean eating on the go as accessible and delicious as possible. With 85 million people suffering from food allergies, Ashley & Glen made their mission to create a snack that's as pure as it is tasty. Hence Prevail Jerky was founded as a healthy snack that everyone, even those with allergies, could enjoy.

"Up until the last few years, it proved very difficult to find clean, healthy, high protein snacks where we didn't have to compromise on flavor. It was impossible to find healthy snacks without soy, cane sugar, or other preservatives that we are trying to avoid. Needless to say, when label watching for allergy concerns, we were coming up short—and hungry. Luckily my husband is an amazing self-taught home cook, so we decided to make our own."


Ashley & Glen have passionately dedicated their business to making a product that is not only truly Paleo, but more importantly, tastes delicious.

"There are plenty of healthy jerky brands out there, but they all tasted "healthy." "We truly believe it's our unparalleled taste and texture that set us apart, not to mention our certifications. We're confident that when people say they don't like Jerky, they've just never tried ours."
Ashley & Glen


Just like with every business, the larger Prevail Jerky grew, the bigger their customer base. What this meant is that they began to source new ways to improve customer experience. One of such was by adding more functionality to their store targeted at enhancing user experience.

Like with every other Shopify store, the more apps and functionality they added to their store, the higher their page loading time. Research has proven that to keep a customer interested in your eCommerce store; your site needs to load in four seconds or less.

More loading time for the Prevail Jerky site meant increased customer bounce rates, reduced conversions, and less sales. What this meant was every time a customer logged into the Prevail Jerky store, they left immediately because the page took too long to load, which defeated their whole purpose of making their store better for users.

Not before long, the Prevail Jerky Shopify store became cluttered, and their page loading speed went up to the point where their business couldn't operate properly. In fact, a speed test on Google PageSpeed gave their mobile result as 8.

Not surprisingly, instead of their page user experience becoming better, it worsened and kept customers away from the store. Lower conversion rates meant almost no sales, and this began causing a lot of problems. As their bounce rates increased, it became a lot harder to convert clients, retain them, and they couldn't get Returns On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

The only course of action for Prevail Jerky at this time was fixing their Shopify store loading speed to increase their conversions, ROAS, and sales. As such, they had to fix their store speed and fix it fast with the best of the best.

How Prevail Jerky met Kath from

Once Prevail Jerky identified the cause of their site and sale problems to be their slow website, it became time to FIX THE PROBLEM! Just like calling a plumber for leaking pipes, they needed to call a specialized Shopify speed optimization agency to improve their site speed.

In their search for the best talents in the market, Prevail Jerky came across EcomExperts. Following a brief consultation, the team partnered with Kath from EcomExperts, who acted as their dedicated account manager.
EcomExperts had only one job: Make the Prevail Jerky Shopify store lightning fast.

Ashley & Glen are perfect clients. To have a clients like them, I genuinely feel grateful. They were responsive when it came to the things we needed for the project, and they value their customers so much, that they put their customers interests first while dealing with others.


How Prevail Jerky Mobile Speed Score Went From 8 to 94 In One Day

Once Glan and Ashley agreed to the terms, Farukh - one of the EcomExperts senior developers, started speeding up Prevail Jerky store.

In his speed optimization for the Prevail Jerky website, the team identified the bulk of speed killers to be the scripts used on the page. To fix this, he used a sophisticated technique of lazy-loading scripts injected by apps, content_for_header and other non-critical scripts. 

Prevail Jerky had 16 Shopify apps installed, 5 of them not in use, slowing down the site tremendously. Team removed the apps that are not in use and cleaned up the code.

In optimizing the Prevail Jerky Shopify store, other optimization techniques used include:

  • inlining critical CSS,
  • preloading CSS 
  • deferring off-screen images
  • managing APPS priority and applying lazy loading on other apps. 

Team optimized other resources, like non-critical scripts, images, and videos. All the critical assets are being loaded as fast as possible to ensure the user gets a world-class experience even on a poor quality network. 

He also noted that in his completed speed maintenance there is an international delay on resources like non-critical scripts, images and videos. And while these assets may delay while loading critical assets, on the other hand would load as fast as possible making sure users do not get lost in their experience.



It is always pleasure to be working with merchants that puts their clients experience first. Working on the Prevail Jerky project was awesome for me. I loved the fact that they structured their website so well and their simplicity was also on point; they didn't have so many unnecessary apps, hence it was easy to help in optimizing their store speed.


As with every one of our clients, EcomExperts team did such a great job cleaning up the Prevail Jerky store, and in less than 24hours, the store was optimized and ready to go live.

We got the Prevail Jerky Mobile PageSpeed Score up from 8 to 94 in one day. We only used industry-accepted optimization techniques, clean lines of code and followed Google's terms.



Prevail Jerky Desktop PageSpeed Score went up from 46 to 98


Think of your Shopify store as your office. Your office has to look good to impress customers; in the same way, your online store must look good to encourage customers to patronize you.

To ensure your store remains in prime condition, you need to clog all holes, improve your site speed, and you'll need the best Shopify development agency in the world, EcomExperts.

At EcomExperts, we're the best Speed Optimization Agency globally, providing site maintenance services to Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. We do all of our speed optimization using the best techniques and codes to ensure that your store speed goes over 80+.

We don't just fix your site speed and let you go; we also give you tons of advice on ensuring your store stays fast and identify problems that might slow down your store speed, creating a better user experience for your site users and leaving happier than you came.

We'll offer you a free consultation; visit our website today to find out how we can help you make your store one of the fastest Shopify stores.

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