Shopify Site Speed Analysis - A complete walkthrough

Shopify Site Speed Analysis - A complete walkthrough

How does a PRO team analyze a Shopify store to improve it's performance and page speed?

The easiest way to do so would be to  look at a waterfall. In the videos below I will walk you through 2 different examples on how we analyze a store so you can take a look at your own store as well!

CADEN LANE - A stunning baby clothing retailer is doing some classic mistakes when it comes to Shopify Store Speed
From first glance, the Caden Lane Shopify store looks really good and loads relatively fast on great internet, however, a speed test using TestMyStoreSpeed revealed a speed score of only 26. This means that it would take forever to load on certain network connections.
Two important details we noticed while looking at the Caden Lane store waterfall were:

  • Numerous, duplicate apps
  • Too many requests

If these problems sound like your store’s, then you MUST WATCH this YouTube video for tips on how to FIX IT!



GREATS - A Shopify Shoe brand clearly has some old code cluttering up their store:
Great shoes, Great looking site but one major problem, low site speed. A quick speed test on the Greats store using TestMyStoreSpeed revealed a speed score of 22 and a page loading time over 4 seconds.
Google estimates a great speed time to be under 3 seconds which means that the Greats store must have high bounce rates. With over 441 requests, we had to see what exactly was slowing down the Greats store and the waterfall showed us exactly that.
Two things we noticed from our speed check were:

  • Too many requests and apps loaded more than.
  • Numerous, duplicate apps
  • Too many images

Here’s how we’ll fix this: 

The first step to identifying your Shopify speed problems is to run a speed test on your store. Once that’s done, you can now move on to fixing these problems.

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