How to Create Custom Product Options on Shopify Without the App in 2022

How to Create Custom Product Options on Shopify Without the App in 2022

Have you ever wondered how to create customizable products in Shopfiy without an app? This is an tutorial on how to create customizable products. You can make customizable products by entering a line of code in the backend of your store.

You can edit your theme code to collect customization information for products. In this tutorial, we will create a template that has a form for engraving on a product. A form will appear that says “name for engraving.” This way, your customers can have their items engraved. This is just one example of the many custom product options you have on Shopify. For custom product options Shopify, read further.

Best Custom Product Options Shopify

To create customizable Shopify products, go to Online Store. Click on your theme and click Actions. From the dropdown menu, click Duplicate.

Now that you have a duplicate, go to Code Editor.

Click on Actions, and from the dropdown menu, click Edit Code.

Go to the Templates section and click Add a new template. Specify Product template.

Name the template Customizable. Copy and paste the name from the documents. It’s important to copy and paste the name in case of misspellings or unintentional spaces because the name will appear in other pieces of the code throughout the website.

Next, find the line of code that says “section product template.” Use Command F on a Mac or Control F on Windows. Replace it with “product customizable template.”

Scroll down to the Sections section. Click on Add a new section. Copy and paste “product customizable template” from the document. A snippet of code will appear that you don’t need. Select all and delete it. Save it.

Go back to the Sections section. Find “product product template.” Select all by hitting Control or Command A. Select Copy. Go back to the Sections section and select “product customizable template” Select paste.

Custom Product Options

For custom product options Shopify, create custom fields using an external website. The website allows you to create your form and it will show you a preview on the right side. It will also create the code for you so you don’t have to create it from scratch. You can do things like long text, radio buttons, and dropdowns.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will do a text short, click Required, copy it to the clipboard. Go back into the code and go back to the Sections section to “product customizable template”. Paste the code from the external website into your “r” code. Do a Control/ Command F and put: type=”submit”. This is your Add to Cart button. Paste the code above the button. Always put it either before or after a block. Space it and click Save.

Go to the online store and it will show that the last time it was saved was just now. Because the version’s not live, yet, you can’t switch the product templates. Go to Action and click Publish. 

Now you have to change the template. Go to Products and choose the product where you want the engraving. Go to Theme Templates and choose the “product customizable” template. Save. Go into your online store, click the product, and a field saying “Your name for engraving” should be there.

Infinite Options by ShopPad Shopify

If you’re interested in an app on which you can create customizable options for your customers, check out Infinite Options by ShopPad. Ecomexperts has an Infinite Options Shopify tutorial. You can find the Infinite Options tutorial by clicking here. The Infinite Options app allows the customer to design their own products based on their specifications. Infinite Options Shopify gives your customers infinite product options on your Shopify store.


We hope this tutorial has helped you to create custom product options in your Shopify store. If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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