Live Shopping For Shopify: Baaz Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Live Shopping For Shopify: Baaz Shopify App Review and Tutorial

You can find the Baaz app in the Shopify app store, and the installation is simple as with any other app. The only difference as a merchant is that you would have to install the Android app. To install the Android app, go to the Play Store and look for it. Download the app and fill in the details. Once you create an account, you will get an SMS with account creation. 

On the (Shopify) app dashboard, you will find only a few simple sections.

Web store link - Your personal info on the Baaz app along with the website link where your live streams will be hosted. You can use it as a standalone link or add it to your navigation menu, for example.

You can choose to enable or disable One To One Video Call. By enabling this function, you'll be able to video chat with your customers directly from your shop.

In the next step, you should sync your products with the app, so you can later offer them in the Android app via live streaming.

And that is basically what you can do from the app dashboard. Let's jump to the Android app.  


  1. Login to your Baaz app, create a catalog, schedule a show or go live directly.  
  2. Your live show will be on the link on your store for customers to watch & purchase  
  3. Checkout & Payments happens on Shopify. The customer gets redirected from your Baaz web store to the Shopify store to finish payments.
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