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Shopify Currency Converter: Best Currency Converter App Review and Tutorial

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As an e-commerce store owner looking to enter into international markets, one important feature your store must include is a currency converter. Currency converters make it a lot easier for customers to convert product prices to their local currency, encouraging them to checkout even faster. 

By adding a currency converter to your Shopify store, customers do not need to convert prices, and by the time they're ready to checkout, they know exactly how much to pay, and nothing can derail them. One way to add a currency converter to your Shopify store is by finding an app that does all the work for you.

The Best Currency Converter Shopify app by Grizzly Apps is an efficient tool to convert the original price to each customer's country currency. With coverage in over 160 companies worldwide, the Best Currency Converter Shopify app converts prices based on customers location within seconds, creating a much more pleasant shopping experience for customers. 

Using the Best Currency Converter Shopify app, you can be sure your currency converter would align with any theme. Before choosing this currency converter, you need to be sure that its features work best with your store and this app review of the Best Currency Converter Shopify app should help you get started.

Features & Quirks
  • Price Configuration
  • Auto-Select Currency Based On Customer's Location
  • Supports Any Currency
  • Price Configuration
  • Beautiful Design
Free Plan
  • Free For Life
  • Add Up To 5 Currencies
  • 3 Beautiful Designs

Elite Plan
  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • 160+ Currencies
  • 3 Beautiful Designs
  • Auto Switch By Customer Location
  • Checkout Currency Notification
Full Tutorial & Review
  • First, add the Best Currency Converter Shopify app to your store from the Shopify app store. Installation is the same as with any other app; after you integrate the app with your store, you will be taken to the plan picker. And once you choose a plan, you will land on the settings page.


First, you must change your money formats.


Step 1

From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click General:


Step 2

Scroll down to the Store Currency section, where you'll see your Currency settings:


Step 3

Click Change formatting.


Step 4

Find the HTML with currency and the HTML without currency formats:


Step 5

In both text fields, copy and paste <span class=money> in front of the formatting text.


Step 6

In both text fields, copy and paste </span> after the formatting text:


Step 7

Click Save.


Nothing complicated; after that, you will see a warning that for your website to be GDPR compliant when using this app, you must add (copy/paste) some terms to your website's Privacy Policy. So now we can set up our currency converter app.


  • The first step in the setup is to Select Currencies. In this section, you can choose if you want to enable or disable the app, turn on Auto Switch -> The currency will automatically change based on your customer's location, even though you're not on the Shopify Plus plan.

After that, you will see the list of all available currencies. This app allows you to add more than 160 currencies, and one of them is bitcoin; include as many as you want. 


  • In the next step, you can customize your switcher a little, usual stuff. The next section is Price configurations. In this section, you can choose if you want to Display Currency Code, Remove Decimals and Round Decimals. This is useful since no one wants to see $3.14159 when shopping online.


As you probably already know, Shopify won't allow you to make changes to your Checkout page, and your customers can only checkout in your shop's main currency, which can be an issue. So that is why the developer of this app figured out to show the notification on the cart page that is meant to inform your customers that Shopify only allows them to checkout in your shop's main currency. Clever, right?

Another interesting feature of this app is Show Original Price on Hover - so If your customer hovers over the converted prices, he will still be able to see the price in your shop's main currency.

Save your changes and reload your store to see how it looks. You should be able to change the currency on your store after this.

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The Best Currency Converter Shopify app also functions effectively on mobile. We would advise that you run a speed test to determine how this app affects your store speed using our free speed test tool, 

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