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Shopify Mega Menu App: Buddha Mega Menu Shopify App Review and Tutorial

4.8(975) - Store Design

Using a mega menu, you can show different menus from one dropdown through your store's main navigation. This mega menu shows all your products and collections, letting customers find their way around your store easily. 

The Buddha Mega Menu Shopify App by Buddha Apps allows Shopify merchants to customize their mega menu in only minutes. Using the Buddha Mega Menu Shopify App, you can sell your products straight from the menu using eye-catching countdown designs, featured collections, sales banners and promotions. 

You'll find all you need to know about the Buddha Mega Menu Shopify App, its best features, ratings as well as pricing.

Features & Quirks
  • Advanced Customizable Store Design
  • Add To Cart Button, Video Widget
  • Featured Banner Widget
  • Live Icons, Labels
  • Unlimited Tree Submenus
  • Updated Fonts Library & Icons Library
  • Items Descriptions
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Compatible With ALL Shopify Themes
  • Free Technical & Customer Support
Free Plan
  • Forever FREE
  • TREE & SIMPLE Submenus
  • Unlimited Submenu Levels
  • Unlimited Link Lists
  • Icons Library
  • Fully Customisable Design
  • Free Tech Support
Mega Zen Plan
  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • All From FREE +
  • TABBED & CONTACT Submenus
  • All Featured Items (Product, Banner, Lists, Etc)
  • Add To Cart
  • Countdown
  • Labels
Full Tutorial & Review

  • The app is installed, you'll be welcomed with a plan picker page. Choose a plan and be sure to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of Buddha Apps.


  • Now you should be on the app dashboard. The dashboard looks simple, with not many items, but this will probably change as you make a mega menu. 


  • To make your first menu, go back to the dashboard once you finish setting up. So click on add item here, and a new window should pop up. The first step is to choose the icon of your item, you can use the field to search for the icon, and there are plenty of options are available. For the link, you can choose between:

  • Home page
  • Collection
  • All collections
  • Product
  • All products
  • Page
  • Blog
  • Blog Post
  • Search page
  • Web address


  • For your first item, choose the home page and enable countdown. The countdown is only available on the paid plan; you can preview how it would look on the free plan. 

  • Return back to the dashboard and now make submenus. Hower over the menu item, and two additional options will appear. From here, you can delete the menu item or add a submenu. As mentioned before, 4 types are available, tree, simple, tabbed and contact. Choose one and click on "add item" here. A similar template should display, but this time only name and link, fill this really quick and add 7 different items. If you hover over the submenu items, there is an option to add even more items under the existing ones. Sub-submenu items? Also, from here, you can change the order of the items, edit or delete it. 


  • The next step is to make another menu item, so click on add item here and the same process as before. Fill in the details and choose a Web address, click OK and choose a submenu type. The simple submenu is not available on a free plan, but you can preview how it looks like.


  • Hover over the page item, and now you have an option to add the widget. Click on it, and the same template should appear with the name and link. For the name, create one, and for the link, you can choose between:
  • Link List
  • Link List with Images
  • Featured Collection
  • Featured Product
  • Featured Blog Post
  • Featured Custom
  • Best Sellers
  • Newest Product

Go on to choose as many as you want.

  • Once your page item is all done, you can proceed to the next item. Click on add item here and fill in this really fast since it is nothing new. Now it is time to choose the submenu type, hover over the new item and click on Add tab. Now, you are done making this mega menu! For each submenu item, you can add additional widgets.


  • The last menu item is for the contact submenu. Quickly add an item here, and in this section, you should probably add your contact us page or add a link to your website. Now choose your last submenu type, which is contact. The form is automatically generated, and it looks nice. Save this menu by clicking on the blue button, then click on Add & design mega menu button and a new window appears with desktop, mobile and tablet preview.

From here, you can add and design our mega menu. Click on add mega menu, and from the dropdown menu, choose where you want your mega menu to appear and then click on save. The design tab offers some basic customization like colors and fonts, and that is it. Finally, reload your site to see the changes you have made.

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Using the Buddha Mega Menu Shopify App, we got a beautiful mega menu without one line of code written and all of that for free. The Customer support is amazing, you can reach them via email only, but they will respond in a few seconds, so it feels like live chat. Also, the creation of the menus felt like playing some game or doing the crossword, the design of the app is very user-friendly.

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