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Bundler-Product Bundles App Review

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As a Shopify business owner, you probably already know how cost-effective product bundles are to your business. Bundling increases sales while reducing product marketing and distribution costs, in turn, saving your customers money in shipping expenses. 

Creating product bundles on your Shopify store allows you to increase sales not only on your popular products but even on less popular products. For instance, putting up your most popular product as part of a bundle with less popular items encourages consumers to purchase both products. Thus guaranteeing more sales on all products.

Knowing all this, your next question is probably how to create these bundles and how much discount to place each of them at; this is where Bundler comes in. In this app review, we would be considering the Bundler- Product Bundles by GoldenDev and how it helps boost the sales of products on Shopify stores.

Features & Quirks
  • Unlimited bundles
  • Optimized For Model
  • Customizable Widget
  • Synchronises With Shopify POS
  • Custom Bundle Landing Page & Image
  • Custom & Mix&Match Bundles
  • Bundle Funnels
  • Unlimited bundles
  • Customizable Widget
  • Set Product Quantity
  • Bundle Widget
  • Shopify POS
  • Custom Product Images
  • Discount Conditions

  • Mix & Match
  • Variant Level Bundles
  • Landing Page
  • Bundles Listing
  • Bundle Shortcodes
  • Custom Bundle Image
  • Discount In Cart
  • Free Shipping
  • Funnels
Full Tutorial & Review
  • The first step to getting started with Bundler- Product Bundles App is to install it. Visit the Shopify App Store, search for “Bundler- Product Bundles,” and click the add app button to add it to your Shopify store. 

  • Once integration with your Shopify store is complete, you would be redirected to the app’s dashboard. You can easily navigate the app’s dashboard as it features a simple design and customizable widgets. 

  • To create your first bundle, click on the create bundle button, select a bundle from the popup tab. The classic bundle is free, and you would need to upgrade for the mix & match bundle.

  • Choosing the classic bundle would bring you back to the bundle creation tab, and each field comes with an explanation to make understanding it a lot easier. While filling these fields, you would also need to make a product selection for each bundle. 

  • Fill each field following the requirements. Also, you should note that with Bundler, you can prioritize bundles, meaning that bundles with the most products have the highest priority. If one product is included in two bundles, then the one with a lower number receives the highest priority. 

  • Next is the discounts section, which allows you to set your discount, whether it is a percentage discount or free shipping. 

  • Save your products and set conditions; once this is completed, your bundle widget is placed by default on the product page. 

  • Remember that if you have coding knowledge, you can also place your product widget on other pages. 

  • Finally, your bundle is created; you can also double-check how the widget appears by loading your project page. 

You can play around with the Bundler App using the customization options in general settings. Here, you can change the text colors, price, the number of buttons displayed, and even go on to animate the add to cart button. 

The Bundler- Product Bundles app works just as effectively on mobile.

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The Bundler- Product Bundles app is a great way to create product bundles, increasing the sale of both popular and less popular items. With this app, you can create discounts on bundles to reduce cart abandonment rates. However, there’s no buy 1 get one free option, and this could be a problem for Amazon sales as Amazon generally picks the lowest prices whether or not the product is included in a bundle.

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