CartHook Post Purchase Offers App Review and Tutorial

CartHook Post Purchase Offers App Review and Tutorial

  • To start using the CartHook app, search for it on your Shopify store. Next, click on installations, and you can start using the CartHook app.
  • The CartHook app features a simple drag and drop visual editor that allows users to create unlimited custom funnels to upsell products to their customers. As such, you can easily create custom funnels for every product you offer. 
  • With CartHook, you not only get to create upsell funnels but also downsell funnels. It allows a maximum of 3 upsell funnels and 2 downsell funnels after the checkout page. 
  • If one funnel outperforms another funnel, CartHook also offers you the option to prioritize one funnel over the other by setting it as a top funnel that customers see more often, bringing higher conversions. 
  • Once an email address is entered into the checkout screen, it is immediately captured by CartHook and forwarded into an email campaign triggered if the customer abandons their cart. Customers receive three emails by default- 5 hours, 24 hours, and 5 days after cart abandonment.
  • CartHook gives the best results using Clickfunnels to create compelling landing pages targeted at attracting your specific audience. Customers are then redirected from the landing page to checkout pages you have created through CartHook. 
  • You can also view the reporting pages to track conversions and ROI reports as purchase information is directly integrated with the Shopify dashboard.



CartHook Post Purchase Offers App was developed in 2015 by CartHook as a cart abandonment product for Shopify stores, and in 2017, it launched Carthook checkout. 

The company claims that CartHook helps boost business revenue and Average Value Order (AOV) by offering real post-purchase offers to your customers. It does this by adding one-click post-purchase offers between your checkout and thank you page triggered by your customer's purchases. This makes it a lot easier for them to accept these offers adding to their purchase without re-entering their payment and shipping info.  

You can also use the CartHook Post Purchase Offers app to build high-converting funnels, set trigger criteria, and customize your offers to boost your AOV to match your brand. 

When clients make purchases, fill in their payment and checkout information, the CartHook Post Purchase Offers app kicks in by redirecting them to an upsell product page to add to their order. This new order is then added to their former bill, and finally, they are directed to the order confirmation page.
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