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Create A FOMO Using Conversion Plus: Shopify App Review and Tutorial

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Are you constantly on the lookout for new ways to reduce the cart abandonment rates of your eCommerce store? Then what you need is a way to create a sense of urgency by creating a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), encouraging customers to complete their purchases as quickly as they can. 

To build this FOMO, you need an app that offers you all the features to introduce a sense of urgency into your checkout flow. The Conversion Plus by Varinode, Inc App for Shopify is a customer conversion app that features a free card reservation countdown timer guaranteed to increase sales.

By using the Conversion Plus Shopify app, you would add urgency to your checkout section, increasing the FOMO response of customers. This then equals fewer cart abandonment rates and increased sales conversions. 

There’s so much more to using the Conversion Plus by Varinode, Inc App for Shopify, and you’ll find all you need to know in this app review.

Features & Quirks
  • Free To Use
  • Cart Reservation Timer, With Adjustable Duration
  • Change The Displayed Text As You See Fit
  • Options To Define What Happens After The Timer Expires
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Modify The Look & Feel To Match Your Theme
  • Optimized Across All Screen Size
  • No App Branding To Keep Your Site Professional
  • Easy Step-By-Step Installation - No Programming Required
  • Timer Display On The Cart Page, Pop-Up/Drawers & Checkout Pages
  • Keep True Inventory Reservations & Not Just A Timer Display
Starter Plan
  • Countdown Timer On Cart Page
  • Customize Timer Duration, Text & Look/Feel
  • Clear Cart On Expiry
  • International Language Support
  • Mobile Support
Bronze Plan
  • All Features Included In Starter Plan
  • Countdown Timer On Cart Drawer/Pop-ups
  • Inventory Reservation
  • Countdown Timer On Checkout Pages

Full Tutorial & Review
Once the app is installed, you should be on the general settings page. The first step is to enable the countdown timer, 
The next section is basically an ad for another app by the same developer, and you can skip that part. 
Now it is time to choose for how long your cart is going to be reserved. You can choose from 1 to 360 minutes. We advise going with 30 minutes or more. 
Next in line is a countdown text. The Premade text is “Your cart is reserved for {{time_remaining}} minutes!”, this is ok, but you should go with something more personal, unique to your brand, so be sure to edit it.
When the countdown expires, you can also edit the text and add <a> and <i> HTML tags in your countdown timer message, which can be very useful.
Moving to the next field, where you need to choose if you want to clear the cart after the countdown expires. Before making your decision, be sure to contact your marketing team. 
The last step in this general settings page is customization. At the bottom of the page, you should see a preview of the countdown widget. Customization is also limited, so you can only change colors and sizes. For the background color, you can choose some light shade of gray and border-colour some darker gray. You can also go on to edit the font color is ok, and font size.
In case you want to actually hold the items once added to the cart, then you will need to upgrade to the bronze plan. The inventory hold will only last as long as the duration of the cart reservation timer value you specified above.

Click on save and reload your store to see the changes you have made and test it out. Our test proved that the reservation countdown timer starts after the first product is added.
To uninstall the app from your store, first, uninstall the app from the admin; next, go to the theme code. Go to the Online Store sales channel here; just to be secure, first, make a copy of your current live theme. Click on Actions here and then Duplicate. Once the duplicate is made, you can proceed to the code editor.
Again click on actions, and now, from the drop-down list, click on edit code. 

This app is active on the cart page, so first check templates and then cart.liquid. Delete this line before {% comment %} and click on save. Scroll down to the snippets since there must be something left, and here it is, lick on vncpc.liquid, and in a new tab, just click on delete file. Save changes, and you are all set!
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As usual, we ran a speed test before and after installing the app to compare our results; Before the app was added, the total page size was 238KB, this app added 3 additional requests. Our mobile test of this app was also positive and for any questions, contact their customer service. 
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