Custom Fields by Bonify - Shopify App Review

Custom Fields by Bonify - Shopify App Review

Metafield Editor, Data Storage & Display, Content Management

The Custom Fields is the most advanced metafield editor available for Shopify. It covers all the bases and it is hassle-free. 

The installation is simple. On the get started tab you can find some helpful information about the app, and also, video tutorials. If you install their Chrome Plugin, you can manage your data right in Shopify’s forms. This app contains every imaginable field type, from rich text to references, and it integrates with Shopify’s bulk editor. You can edit any existing Metafield, even if it was created with a different app. 


The Custom Fields app for Savvy store Owners:

  • Create structured fields to store and display your custom data points
  • Take advantage of FREE file image and hosting, and the same image editor that Shopify uses
  • Create custom fields for Products & Product Variants, Orders, Collections, Pages, Blogs, Customers

The Custom Fields app for Top Notch Shopify designers & developers:

  • Always FREE for development stores until the store is actually launched
  • Bulletproof your field setup and eliminate bad data entry with data validation and field settings that only need to be set up once per type
  • Trustworthy and Enterprise-ready
  • Files are hosted on Amazon S3 for stability and scaling, at no extra cost to you



Integrates with: Google Chrome (Browser Extension) 




*14-day free trial

Free plan

  • Basic text and number fields
  • Create up to 10 Custom fields
  • Edit custom fields in Shopify using Chrome extension

Lite - $7/month

  • HTML, date, Email, Phone, Link, code embed, and reference fields
  • Create ulimited custom fields
  • Edt any metafield value

Premium - $19/month

  • Unlimited image & file upload fields
  • Bulk data import and export
  • Easy bulk editor
  • Field collection fields
  • *Not available for Shopify plus

Plus - $29/month

  • Upload files to your Amazon S3 bucket
  • Field config sync across stores
  • Large image and file uploads
  • Unlimited Dev & QA stores
  • Priority support


  • 4.8 based on 44 reviews

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