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Personalize Your Shopify Homepage: DataCue App Review and Tutorial

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Imagine an homepage that shows customers product suggestions based on their previous searches, allowing them to make their choice faster without having to shift through categories. To add this personalized homepage feature to your Shopify store without coding, you need an app that automates this function. 

The DataCue- Personalized Homepage app allows you to personalize your e-commerce store homepage to each visitor and sale. 

DataCue personalizes your website to match each customer based on actions they have taken on your site. This app adjusts your homepage to display products your customers have shown interest in. 

For instance, if a customer visits your store, searches for an item and leaves without making a purchase, the next time they come back to your store, your homepage would now be adjusted to include those products. By making this change, you can now increase your store's conversion rates and sales.

Features & Quirks
  • Personalized Homepage
  • Dynamic Banners
  • Product Recommendations Upsell & Cross-Sell
  • Recently Viewed & Best Sellers
  • Onsite Personalized Notifications
  • Self-Service Dashboard
  • 7 Days A Week Support Via Email/Live Chat
  • 5 Dynamic Banners
  • 1 Banner Layout
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Chat + Email Support

  • Everything In Basics
  • 15 Dynamic Banners
  • 3 Banner Layouts
  • Products For You
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Similar Products (Upsell)
  • Everything In Essentials
  • 40 Dynamic Banners
  • Personalized Collections Per Visitor
  • Top Products Per Collection

  • Everything In Standard
  • 100 Dynamic Banners
  • Custom Designed Banner Layout
  • Web Notifications
  • A/B Testing (Coming Soon)
Full Tutorial & Review
  • Using the DataCue app is very easy, starting with installing the app from the Shopify App Store. The homepage is customized through the use of banners. You can opt for a:


  • Wide banner - used to attract the most attention as they are larger and can be stylized.

  • Narrow banner - act as a complement to the wide banner (wide banner has priority)

  • Static banner - not personalized and will remain the same for everyone. It is used when you want to promote a new product or do any other type of broad messaging with your customers.

You can easily create a banner in the backend of the site. You simply go to "add banner", choose the category you want (which auto-populates from your Shopify store), pick the image you want (drag and drop), and hit upload.

The algorithm immediately starts to learn this and provides the right recommendations to customers.  

Not only does the homepage customize itself for the user, but DataCue also generates a notifications tab to tell the views all the details they need to know about the products they have just viewed. 

Users also receive notifications that lets them know if an item they have previously viewed is low in stock, out of stock or even on sale, and they don't have to sign up to receive this notifications. 

Once the installation is complete, you'll be able to see from your dashboard the number of sessions, clicks and revenue from conversions earned using DataCue.

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DataCue does not affect your Shopify store's speed as it lazy loads personalo=ized component using the Amazon Web Services Server, so it's very fast.


This app is best suited for Shopify merchants with high traffic, SKU count and numerous categories. If your home page doubles as your landing page, DataCue would help customers find their way to the categories of their choice. However, stores with fewer products can pass on this app as it uses data to optimize, and they might not have a lot of data. 

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