Personalize Your Shopify Homepage: DataCue App Review and Tutorial

Personalize Your Shopify Homepage: DataCue App Review and Tutorial

  • Using the DataCue app is very easy, starting with installing the app from the Shopify App Store. The homepage is customized through the use of banners. You can opt for a:


  • Wide banner - used to attract the most attention as they are larger and can be stylized.

  • Narrow banner - act as a complement to the wide banner (wide banner has priority)

  • Static banner - not personalized and will remain the same for everyone. It is used when you want to promote a new product or do any other type of broad messaging with your customers.

You can easily create a banner in the backend of the site. You simply go to "add banner", choose the category you want (which auto-populates from your Shopify store), pick the image you want (drag and drop), and hit upload.

The algorithm immediately starts to learn this and provides the right recommendations to customers.  

Not only does the homepage customize itself for the user, but DataCue also generates a notifications tab to tell the views all the details they need to know about the products they have just viewed. 

Users also receive notifications that lets them know if an item they have previously viewed is low in stock, out of stock or even on sale, and they don't have to sign up to receive this notifications. 

Once the installation is complete, you'll be able to see from your dashboard the number of sessions, clicks and revenue from conversions earned using DataCue.

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