Run Sales Easily: Disco Shopify App Review and Quick Tutorial

Run Sales Easily: Disco Shopify App Review and Quick Tutorial

  • You have to first install the Disco: Flash Sales & Discounts app for Shopify after which you’ll be on the basic dashboard.  Start creating your first discount by clicking on the blue button that says create discount. You can’t miss this step since it is the only button on the dashboard. 

  • A new window should appear for campaign creation and the first step is Title. The title will also be used as the name of the collection created automatically by the app.Name your campaign and click on this checkbox to create a collection. The next section is the Discount.

  • In the Discount section, the first step is to choose a discount type. Two options are available, percentage and fixed and choose from any of this.

  • Now that discount is done, the next step is Product filtering. Click on filters and then select a filter. You can filter products by vendor, type, collection, and product tag.  

Disco allows you to set the start and end date of your sales campaign, just choose from these two calendars. And if you set the start and end date of your campaign you can add a countdown timer to the product page of each discounted item to create urgency. Choose a start date now and end date now you need to include a countdown timer, so click on this checkbox here and that is it. Scroll to the beginning of the page and click on create discount. 


Now that your discount is created successfully and click on view status. On the manage discount page now from here you can see details of your campaign, basic and also you can disable the discount.

Once you have completed all of this, you can now return to your shop and see if this app works. 

Now that we have installed and tested our app, it is time to uninstall it from the store. 
Go to your store dashboard and on the left sidebar Menu click Apps and a window of all apps installed on your store will appear. Click the delete icon on the far right and another window should pop up. 


Skip the reason for removing the app and click remove and the app is uninstalled. This is one of the apps that does not leave code in your theme.

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