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DSers AliExpress DROPSHIPPING Shopify App - Honest Review

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If you’re looking for a superior dropshipping app for your online store, consider the DSers Shopify app. The ability to process hundreds of orders at a time makes using DSers a snap. In this DSers app review, you will find information about dropshipping using DSers, how it works, pricing, competitors, rating, and a quick tutorial. But first, a little background.

Features & Quirks
  • Bulk Orders
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Auto-Fulfillment Of Orders
  • Auto-Sync Of Tracking #
  • Price & Stock Control
  • Managing Multi-Stores From A Single DSers Account
  • Multiple Order Processing
  • Auto-Fulfillment Of Orders
  • Import Products With The Chrome Extension
  • Automatic Fulfillment Of Orders
  • Track Shipping Information Accurately
  • Auto-Messaging To Suppliers
  • Price Monitor
  • Shipment Setting
  • Supplier Management
  • Email Template
  • Auto-Update Of Previously Added Products
  • No US Database
  • Bulk Order
  • Basic Mapping
  • Manage 3 Stores & 3k Products
  • Automated Order Status Sync
  • Automated Tracking NO. Sync
  • Sync Tracking NO. to PayPal
  • All Features In Basic Plan
  • Manage 5 Stores & 7.5k Products
  • Automated Inventory Update

  • All Features in Standard Plan
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage 10 Stores & 20k Products
  • Advanced & Bundle Mapping
  • AliExpress Affiliate

  • All Features In Advanced Plan
  • Manage 25 Stores & 75k Products
  • Manage Multi-Platform In One Account

Full Tutorial & Review

Dropshipping is becoming popular in Ecommerce. Simply put, dropshipping is when a seller sells their customers items they do not actually have in stock themselves but sends purchase and shipping details to a third party supplier who then ships the customers’ products in unmarked packaging to give the impression that they came directly from the seller’s store.

Dropshipping has become popular in recent years because sellers don’t have to worry about the cost of housing their products, and they don’t lose any money on items that don’t sell.


Dropshipping Shopify DSers

DSers fulfillment service is a dropshipping platform that facilitates and accelerates the ordering process. You can set it up in just four steps, and it offers a choice of four subscriptions, including a free plan. 

DSers was launched in 2018 after its developers had experienced other dropshipping platforms that they found to be inefficient with order management. They created DSers as a solution to a process they determined to be complicated and time-consuming.


DSers How it Works

How to use DSers? It’s simple. You connect to and then import products from their partner, AliExpress, for dropshipping. You can use the Chrome extension to add more products. You then manage your orders on the DSers platform. You can manage multiple stores with one account and place several orders in one click.

DSers Shopify are compatible with each other, so you can easily connect DSers to your Shopify store.

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The best thing about DSers dropshipping is its processing abilities. It can process hundreds of orders at a time, which is really efficient for you. You save 97 percent of your ordering time!

You can manage unlimited orders. For faster order fulfillment, DSers order fulfillment is the way to go. 

Another great quality of the DSers app is that it’s cost-effective. You can choose from four different plans, with the cheapest one being forever free. 
It’s easy to use, and all of the automated features make dropshipping a seamless process.

It has good delivery tracking, and you can set up your shipping preferences ahead of time. 



There are few limitations of DSers, relative to its many perks. One drawback is the auto-updating of previously added products. We contacted customer support, who said they were working on the issue. Another is that there is no US database.

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