Facebook Messenger Marketing Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Facebook Messenger Marketing Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Once you install the Facebook Messenger Marketing app on your Shopify app store, it is time to connect your business page with the app. Click on the blue pulsing button that says Connect Facebook Page. Log in to your facebook account, choose the page you want to connect, give necessary permissions and click on done.  After the app is linked to the facebook page you are all set. 

Now you can go back to the dashboard, click on the blue button that says connect and after that click on next

On the next page there are rules for subscribing, two options are available not excluding each other

  • Subscribe users in a single click when they add an item to their cart

  • Customers will become subscribers through your chat widget

 You can choose to leave both on then click on next. 

  • On this new window you’ll find Auto campaigns, on the right there is a preview of receipt and shipping notifications. Well nothing you can do here, so again click on next. 

  • Back on the dashboard which looks nice, you’ll find the progress tab, number of subscribers and messages sent. In the navigation to the left you can find 
  • Dashboard
  • Campaigns
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Subscribers
  • Growth Tools and
  • Settings
  • Go to the navigation on the left and customize your campaigns a little. Click on Campaigns and then receipt notification. A New window should appear with details of your campaign on the left, and live preview on the right. First you’ll find status - you can toggle this button from on to off. Next in line is Intro message. Write something exciting and nice like “Hey {{first_name}}, thanks for your purchase! Hope you are having a great day! Here is your order confirmation:” 

This app also allows you to add additional messages, you can send discount codes, or other information. Also here in this section you can add quick replies, and an add unsubscribe button, just to be fair. Click on the button that says +Quick reply, title Unsubscribe and choose unsubscribe as an action. Click on Save and Your receipt notification is all set. 

Now real quickly move to the navigation to the left and choose shipping notification. Same template as on receipt notification, first there’s the have status button, and after that you can edit the message. 

Next step is View order button text, which you have to edit. In this section you can edit the custom button text, and link your collection. Click on the save button and all your notifications are ready. 

Now that you have notifications ready it is time to set your growth tools. You can choose between 4 options:

  • Add To Cart Checkbox - Place a messenger opt in checkbox beside your add to cart button
  • Add To Cart Popup - Show a popup with a "Send to Messenger" button to unveil a discount once the Add to Cart button is clicked. These customers will become subscribers in return
  • Chat Widget - Add the ability for customers to message you from your store. When a customer initiates a conversation they will automatically become a subscriber
  • And we have a Popup - Show a popup with a "Send to Messenger" button to unveil a discount. These customers will become subscribers in return


Starting with the first one which is Add to cart checkbox. Click on edit and you should be in a new window. In this new window you can play with different elements such as colors, borders, margins and fonts. But first you need to choose the type of the checkbox. Two options are available: discount and default, you can also edit the Preset message, finally click on save. 

For the add to cart popup you can change the title and leave the paragraph as it is, since it is really good. Again click on save, and you can proceed to Chat widget. 

In the chat widget window you can’t actually do much of the customization, but you can change the logged in and logged out text, as well as the theme color to match your overall store design.

Last on our list is Opt-in Popup. Opt-in popup is basically what the name says, a pop-up window that will show in the center of your page. For the start, turn it on and edit the opt-in message and description maybe. This app allows you to add custom image, change colors, fonts and set time and display rules. Save this.

Finally Abandoned cart recovery. Jump to the campaigns on the left and choose Abandoned carts. On this page you are asked to install an additional app click on the blue button that says Install App to Unlock and you should be in the Shopify app store. The Facebook Messenger Marketing app is free, but the additional app Abandoned Cart Messenger costs 25 bucks a month.

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