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Increase Customer Trust: Free Trust Badge Master App Review and Quick Tutorial

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Before giving up sensitive information while checking out products on an eCommerce store, such as card payments and address details, customers need to trust the store.

There are numerous ways for increasing trust online; one of the most popular ways are:

  1. Customer reviews
  2. Brand mentions
  3. Influencer recommendations


However, one of the easiest ways to promote customer trust is by using trust badges or trust seals. These badges should be put at points where anxiety might kick in, like your product pages or near the buy button. That's how you prevent the tragedy of a warm lead who decides against it and proceeds to click the back button instead.

Your customers buy online with trepidation. Not only are they on the lookout for the best product for their needs. They also have to figure out if they're buying it from a business they can trust.

Trust badges are third-party proof from a credible outside entity that they can trust your site. The Free Trust Badge Master by HulkApps gives Shopify store merchants access to a variety of trust and security badges.

These trust badges are fully customizable and act as visual cues to reassure customers that your store is legal and secure. Our app review of the Free Trust Badge Master by HulkApps should help you decide if this is the best trust badge app for your Shopify store.

Features & Quirks
  • 50+ Trust Seals
  • 150+ Payment Badges
  • Custom Image Upload
  • Color Picker
  • Mobile Visibility Control
  • Easy Set Up - No Developers Needed! Custom Pitch Message
  • No Fixed Layout
  • Hulk's Free Badge Master App Lets You Display Visual Cues That Reassure Consumers That The Particular Store Is Deemed Legitimate, Secure & Trustworthy
Full Tutorial & Review
  • The Free Trust Badge Master app has to be first installed, after which you'll be moved to the thank you page. Here you'll get a message that the Required snippet has been automatically created and added to your published theme during the installation process. In case you would like to load the badge in other themes, please use the ''Theme 'Integration' button.

Other than that, this page is pretty straightforward since there is only one button. Click on get started, and you should be on the setup page. 

  • The first step is to activate the badges then begin customizing them. Here you can see what badges Badge Master has to offer. You can choose from:

  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Solid
  • Clean
  • Vintage

But also, if you click here, you can add custom badges. This app is different from other trust badges apps on the market. Pleasant surprise. 

Next in line is Pitch Message and display customization. Here you can change 

  • Header text
  • Choose Fonts 
  • Change size, weight, alignment, and text color 


Now you should change the icon settings. In this section, you can change icon alignment but also set mobile and desktop icon sizes. And that is it.  

The last step is to embed the code where you want to show your badges. You can click on the template file, and you will be automatically redirected to the theme code. Paste the code where you want it to be shown, and save it. 

If you didn't activate the badges in the first step, do that before refreshing your store. 

Once the Badges are activated, it should be visible on your website.

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The Free Trust Badge Master app looks good on mobile, although the badges look bigger. 

As always, we tested our store using our speed test tool before adding the app so that we can compare two results in the history section. The Page size and page load time barely changed, and we had two new requests. However, there is a possibility that you will get different results in case you add custom badges. In that case, make sure to save the file in the jpeg format and upload it in the correct size. 

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