Add A Trust Badge to Your Shopify Store: Free Trust Badge App Review and Tutorial

Add A Trust Badge to Your Shopify Store: Free Trust Badge App Review and Tutorial

  • Once the app is installed, and you'll be automatically redirected to the badge setup page. You'll find the top menu navigation, badge builder on the left, and the central part is dedicated to the preview on this page. Let's start with badge selection.

  • First, toggle the button from off to on to activate the badge on your store. Next is the Badge selection, and you can see a list of active badges. In case you want to add other badges, just click the plus button. A new window would pop up with a list of badges. Choose as many as you want, and in case you want to change the position of badges, just click on the small arrows. 

  • You can play around with colors, font type, font size, icon size, and format in the Design Settings. In case you want to show the badge labels below icons, just toggle the button from off to on. 

  • Next is Home page settings; unfortunately, this is not available for a free plan. Moving on to the next, which is Product page settings. The default display position for product pages is below the "Add to Cart" button on your storefront. So if you need to display your badges in a different location on product pages, then you can click the Select Location Plus button. 

  • The cart page settings, Footer settings and adding your own CSS are only available for the premium upgrade. Save your settings by either clicking on the blue save buttons on the top right corner or bottom right corner. Once your settings have been saved successfully, next is to see how the icons appear on your shop. 

Reload your store and click on one of the products, and right below the add to cart and buy it now buttons, you should see the badges.

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