Gorgias Live Chat 4 Shopify - Features Review & Tutorial

Gorgias Live Chat 4 Shopify - Features Review & Tutorial

  • As usual, to use the Gorgias Live Chat and Helpdesk app, start by installing the Gorgias Live Chat and Helpdesk app from your Shopify app store and integrate it. Fill in the needed details and choose a password, then click on the green button that says continue. You'll need to confirm your website and helpdesk website; Gorgias automatically adds the .gorgias.io extension. Then click on create your account.

  • On the dashboard, you'll notice that it is split into three parts; on the left, you would find the menu, and if you click on tickets in the top right corner, you can choose between Tickets, Customers, Statistics and Settings. 

On the left, there's a progress bar, so you can start with that. By now, you should have completed the first step, connect to Shopify. Next, you can click on connect email; you would then move to the app settings tab. Choose integrations in the menu to the left, as it is your first step. 

Here, you can choose between 17 integrations. Starting with the first one, click on email, and it should take you to the new window. You can also add the free email from Gorgias by clicking on add email address; a new window should appear. 3 options are available; google email account, office 365 email account, and you can add your custom email. 


Next, it's time to set up your Live Chat, click on chat, and a new window should open. Click on the green button that says add chat, and it should take you to the chat configuration tab. The next step is to choose a chat title; Gorgias allows you to set different introduction texts for business and out-of-office hours. You can also change the colors here to match your theme. Stick with English and click on "Add new chat". 


For the installation of this live chat, you can choose between two options, auto-install or manual. On the preferences tab, you can set rules for email capture and autoresponder. Gorgias also allows you to add campaigns to prompt your website's visitors to start chatting with your team, and you can add quick replies. 


Going back to the integrations, the next in line of integrations is Facebook, Messenger & Instagram. Basically, "this integration creates tickets when customers post on your Facebook page or send you a message on Messenger." Click on the blue button in the right corner, give the necessary permissions. You can even Import the last 30 days of history (posts and comments) as closed tickets; just click on this button here. Click on save changes, and that is it.

  • Moving on rules, in the menu to the left. "Rules provide a way to automatically perform actions on tickets, like tagging, assigning and even responding." If you want to change the executing order, just drag and drop them however it suits you, and you can even make your own rules by clicking on this green button here. OK, let's go to the next step, which is tags.

In the tags section, You can tag tickets to keep track of topics customers are contacting you about." - another great function, there are premade tags, but you can easily add your own by clicking on creating tag button here. 

On the Satisfaction tab, Gorgias allows you to send a survey email after the ticket is closed! You can choose when to send an email after the ticket is closed, the survey channel, and the survey's text. In the Import tab, you can import the date from the zendesk. 

If you want to add additional staff members, you can do that in the users tab; actually, the number of users is not limited, which is a good feature.

Finally, save your change and reload your page to test it out.

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