GROWAVE Shopify App Review - Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews & UGC

GROWAVE Shopify App Review - Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews & UGC

  • Install the Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews UGC app by Growave on your Shopify store and integrate it. Once this is done, you'll be moved to the plan picker page, where you can choose a plan and proceed to the start guide. 
  • First thing, choose the theme where you want to install Growave; this is so that you don't have to install it directly to your live theme and mess up your code, not until you are ready to publish it. 
  • The next step is to choose which of the apps you want to add to your store from the options listed and click next. Moving on, the third step is for special requests, and once you're done, click on finish!
  • This takes you to the dashboard where a message pops up "Try all of our features absolutely for free for 30 days! We want you to have a better idea of how the app works and see how it can bring you value. After, you will be automatically reverted back to the "Free" plan, so you will NOT be charged." 
  • Moving on to customize the app, click on the first icon, which is reviews. 

A new window should appear, and you should see a top navigation bar with 

  • Reviews
  • Q&A
  • Discounts
  • Import
  • Review emails
  • Custom Forms
  • Social reviews

On the reviews tab, you can see the number of reviews. Next, moving to the Q&A tab, there you can answer your customer's questions, and you can turn this on. OK, with this app, you can do almost everything you would do with a regular review app, offer discounts, import/export reviews, send review emails, make custom review forms, but you can also add real customer's feedback on your Facebook page. 

  • To check what you can do with rewards, go back to the dashboard and click on rewards. From the rewards tab, you can manage points that customers earn and spend, make your own referral program, Run special programs for your high-value customers, customize email notifications, and adjust color settings to make this program fit your overall brand. Enable points if you want to. 
  • Moving on to wishlist, go back to the dashboard and click on wishlist; here, you can change your wishlist widget position, set rules for members and guests, and set email reminders. 

Go back to Instagram which where you can make beautiful shoppable galleries on your Shopify store. In the Instagram app, we have:

  • Galleries-here we can create a gallery using hashtags and usernames. 
  • Shop Instagram Page - Here, you will be doing most of the app settings, and the last tab is 
  • Analytics

Moving onto comments, this app allows your customers to leave comments and ask questions directly to your shop! 

The next app is social login that lets customers socially log in and sign-up using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram and Amazon accounts. In the app dashboard, you can track app activity, offer discounts, see members and do some basic app settings.  

Next is Social Sharing; this tool helps to grow your brand visibility, drive more traffic and new sales, earn more backlinks to your site to go up in Google search results. You can choose between:

  • Share product icons - icons on a product page
  • Share the site - encourage visitors to share your products using social sharing icons on product pages
  • Share products- provide coupon code for highly engaged visitors 
  • Share reviews - reward visitor for sharing a 5-star review
  • Share purchases - Encourage members to buy more by providing discounts for future purchases
  • Sharing icons - Promote any page of your store and increase direct traffic on them
  • Or you can create your own campaign

To turn on any of this campaign, click on this first button here; also, you can get reports, edit, or delete campaigns from this page. 

If you click on the active button here, the code snippet will be shown so you can paste it to your theme code. Also, if you don't like messing with the code, you can send the request to the app to do it for you. 

  • The next app is community; this app helps you build your own community around your online store where you can educate your customers, achieve their trust, engage with them and build long term relationships. Community streamlines what's happening in your shop: reviews, new products, saved and purchased products, videos, photos, comments, and discussions. Turn it on, and you can also change some basic settings, see insights, set rules for sharing new products in the community tab, and also set up email preferences. 

We are only left with two apps, and now we should check automated emails. Automated emails are basically what the name says; the app sends automated but personalized emails based on your shop's customer behaviour. You can choose from the two premade automated email templates, and if you click on edit, a powerful but easy to use editor will open. You can go the extra mile to make your own automated email. 

The next and final app is Notifications! If you are subscribed to our channel, then you know that we did a number of reviews of similar apps, so we have something to compare this app with.

The Notifications app will help you to bring more engagement to your store by showing messages which encourage you to buy more. Turn this app on by toggling this button from off to on, and now a bunch of notifications are "unlocked". In the first tab, you can turn on and off notifications of your choosing. If you want to edit any of the notification, just click on a blue button that says edit message and a new window will pop up where you can edit text. If you click on the settings tab here, you can set your own rules for the app. Like display time, a number of messages, activity, etc. In the edit design tab, you can choose between two themes, light and dark. But you can also manually adjust your own colors. 

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