How To Sell Digital Products on Shopify? Sky Pilot Honest Review 2022

How To Sell Digital Products on Shopify? Sky Pilot Honest Review 2022

How application solves the problem?

Sky Pilot is built for the Shopify store owners that offer digital products and requires a seamless solution to sell and share videos and files directly through their Shopify store.

This app allows you to create easy-to-navigate delivery of multiple digital items organized into folders. While your customers will have automatic access to files and videos immediately after purchase.

Positive sides of Sky Pilot


  • It’s well-reviewed.
  • Its pricing plans are very well structured.
  • Users get a generous amount of storage.
  • There’s a free 14-day trial.

Features & Quirks

  • Create easy-to-navigate delivery of multiple digital items organized into folders.
  • Your customers will have automatic access to files and videos immediately after purchase.
  • Customizable pages deliver your files and videos to customers.
  • File protection allows you to limit downloads per file, as well as set access to expire after a chosen number of days, and finally get alerts when access is being abused.
  • Files/videos can be attached to physical products without affecting fulfillment status, easily allowing you to sell files/videos bundled with a physical product.
  • Organize files and videos into folders and playlists, customizable to your specific needs.
  • Unlimited: for each item listed in your store, you can attach unlimited files and videos per item. You can even organize files into folders, which is great for guided digital content. 
  • Customizable delivery pages: You can brand all your delivery pages and organize files and videos into playlists and folders. This makes them easy to deliver and simple for customers to locate. In addition, you can also customize the checkout and thank you page buttons to reflect your brand. You can either access basic settings or full code customization. However, you'll need some programming know-how to make the most out of the latter.
  • Customizable emails: You can also customize your confirmation emails sent to customers from Sky Pilot to reflect your brand.
  • Customers stay on your store: All files are available within your Shopify store, so there’s no need for customers to click away from your shop. Needless to say, this encourages users to stay on your site, which potentially could lead to more sales. It’s also easier to offer consumers consistent branding and provides a more seamless shopping experience. 
  • Pre-orders: You can send instant email notifications about files customers have pre-ordered when released.
  • Instant delivery: When a customer pays for a file, they have instant access via your Shopify store. 
  • Vimeo integration: This allows you to sell videos privately hosted on Vimeo. 
  • Security: You can also sell digital products that have an expiry date or limit the number of downloads per file. You’ll also be alerted of potential download abuse. Sell digital and physical products: By this, we mean that you can attach digital files and videos to physical products without impacting the order fulfillment of a physical product. This makes bundling digital and physical products together much easier.

Full Tutorial & Review

Okay, we are going to do a quick walkthrough of the sky pilot. So let's go ahead and jump into the app. When the merchant shows up, the first thing they'll see is a dashboard. It just shows how many deliveries, essentially how many file downloads have happened in this period. By default, it's the last week, three main pages in the app.

 The first one is going to go ahead and show you all of the products on your store. This is where you associate digital files to Shopify products. The next page is going to show you any orders that have been processed that have digital products on them. You can also see all orders if you want. But most people will want to see ones that have products.

 And the last page is the file section. This is where you're going to essentially add files to Skypilot, especially if you have many files. This makes it easy to do. So what we'll quickly do is we're going to go ahead and upload a handful of images. I'm going to do this, drag it into the upload section nice and quick.

 The files are appearing here. So this is just a really nice way to do things in bulk. So I've got a bunch of files uploaded. I'm now going to head over to my products. I'm going to take a digital product that I just created here.

So it says there are no digital contents attached to this product right now connecting already uploaded files. So we can just take a couple of options here, a couple of things. There we go. So there are now three files that people will get when they purchase this digital product. You can also connect streaming video.

 So I've already connected a Vimeo account. These are just videos on that Vimeo account. So copying files between products. There's an option here if you want to automatically fulfill orders after they've been purchased. So that's going to help some.

Also a really neat feature here. So it's possible to sell essentially prereleases. So you can sell a product that doesn't have any content. And then in the future, you can add content and you can notify all past purchases that's going to send them all an email letting them know that their content is now available on this page, you can quickly do filter. You can say that you want to look for products that already have files or not.

 You can look for ones that have videos or without. So a few options there. So now that I've got my digital product and I've got some files, let's just go ahead and go through the process. I'm going to go to my storefront, I'll jump into the catalog, find that the product that I just set up.  

 Let's go ahead and check out.

So when we paste for this digital product, see that there's this link. You can customize the text here, but it says access digital content. We click on that that will take us to our downloads page. This is where you can download the individual files. You can see if you just click on it, it's going to go ahead and download.

 There's also this video so I guess there's a Privacy policy thing but if we ignore that, that essentially lets you go ahead and play that video. So that's the downloads page. If I head back into Skypilot, we'll see orders and we'll see that this one was just created. It gives you a bit of information. It tells you that it was delivered at least one time.

 So the sky pilot thing was downloaded. It'll tell you about email notifications. So I got an email also indicating that I have a file that I can download. It gives you a bit of additional information here as well. A couple of other things you can do with the app if you head on into settings.

 We've got some general settings here. Just talking about Max download limits. Whether you want people to have a customer account on Shopify to be able to download. And then there's a few other things you can customize the email that goes out to customers. You can change a few things including some wording coloring.

You can validate your domain here if you'd like just so that when emails get sent out to their DKIM and SPF validated you can set this up to basically be notified if anybody is potentially sharing out to their download link with other people. So you can check my IP address and see if there's anybody abusing their link. Quick way to change the video account that you're connected to. The theme engine is pretty neat. You can have as many themes as you want.

 Obviously only one active at a time but you can customize a theme change pretty well. Everything about that download page so it comes with a few options here which is really nice. You could actually go right into the code as well if you wanted to and you can look right at the actual files make some changes here so by changing the liquid files here, it will actually change the download page. So at a really high level that is the pilot app.

After checkout, your customer will be directed to a page within your store to download files and/or stream videos associated with their purchase. They will also receive a link to the page via email to download at their convenience.

At any point, a customer can log in to their account in your store to access files or videos they have purchased. This page shows an organizable list of files and/or a playlist of all streaming videos. Check out in our demo store below to watch it all in action!

All delivery pages are hosted directly within your Shopify store. It is completely customizable, with access to both basic settings and full code customization...there is no need to connect dots to make this work for your store! The customer stays within your Shopify store the entire time, with no external bridges.

Sky Pilot  can be canceled at any time by uninstalling it from your Shopify store. BUT, you must ensure you have copies of all your files elsewhere because all your data and files on Sky Pilot are deleted once you cancel.


Sky Pilot handles the online delivery of digital products sold via your Shopify site. For example, music files, video files, eBooks, podcasts, PDFs, jpegs, PNGs, or, for that matter, any other type of digital file. 

This app is simple to set up and gives users various tools to help them manage the delivery of their digital files. Customers receive access to their files straight after purchase. Every delivery page is hosted within your branded Shopify store. This means your customers don’t have to leave your site to access any files they have bought. They can also log in to your Shopify store anytime to access previous files they’ve bought from you. 

Sky Pilot is designed to make it easier for you and your customers to enjoy the best possible experience while purchasing your digital products. 

While similar apps send customers to an entirely new page, with Sky Pilot, when customers buy a file from your Shopify store, they’re directed to a page within your store. From here, they can easily download the necessary files/stream videos.

Customer service, and that it’s simple to organize digital files. People also seem to like Sky Pilot’s customization features.

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