Infinite Product Options Shopify Tutorial and App Review

Infinite Product Options Shopify Tutorial and App Review

  • Getting started with the Infinite Product Options app by HulkApps is relatively easy. The first step we would generally advise you to take before installing the app is to duplicate your live theme as a precaution. To do this, open your online store, click on theme, and next to the live version of your theme, click on duplicate. 
  • Once duplicated, return to the Shopify app store and download the Infinite Product Options app; once integrated with your Shopify store, it would immediately redirect you to the app dashboard.
  • Once loaded, your first step would be to install snippets by clicking the installation button found in the top left corner to choose how you want to install the app. You can choose between Automatic, manual, or expert installation. Seeing as you have already created a backup theme, the automatic installation would be your choice. 
  • Next, you can now create custom options. To do this, click on “Add a new option.” The window that appears would allow you to customize your products. Start filling in the fields; in the first field, you would need to enter the “Display Name,” next the “Unique Name,” and so on. Unique names help distinguish among option type names if multiple option sets are created. 
  • When choosing the option type, you can choose from: 
    • Dropdown 
    • Dropdown (Allow multiple selections)
    • Swatches 
    • Checkbox 
    • Short Text 
    • Paragraph Text 
    • Phone
    • Email 
    • Radio button 
    • File Upload (one file at a time)

At this step, you can also go on to set your product custom pricing options. Once you are done, click on file upload to move to the next step.

  • Once option sets are ready, the next thing is to assign them to different products by clicking on option sets and “Add New.” At this point, a new window would pop up, and you would have to name your option set first, then choose the options you want to add as well as what products are customizable. While you can choose all products, you can as well choose specific products and filter them by product vendor, type, or tag. Complete this step by clicking save and refreshing to see your custom field on your store. 

The Infinite Product Options app by HulkApps also features a Tooltip Text which you can use to add text to your created options as well as help texts for a detailed explanation about your product. Using this app, you can change the look and feel of your custom fields. Do this by going to general settings, and there you can see all the adjustments you can make. Whether it is colors, font size, alignment, padding, and so on. If you are by chance familiar with CSS or js, you can also use them to custom style your fields via the Infinite Product Options app. 

Finally, choose the product to see how good it looks.


What is Infinite Product Options App?

As a Shopify website store owner, product descriptions are an important feature of your online store. This is because these product descriptions generally provide all store visitors and customers with first-hand information about each product you sell. 

With the Infinite Product Options app by HulkApps, you can quickly customize tailored product options on your Shopify store to not only sell more on your site but to also give your customers a better shopping experience. With this Infinite Product Options app, you enjoy full flexibility in product customization, as well as more opportunities to upsell your products. 

Using the Infinite Product Options app, you can use priced options to add extra charges to customizations made by the customer. You can also show or hide options using this app based on your customer’s choices. 

The Infinite Product Options app allows Shopify store owners to personalize products using file uploads and custom text boxes. You can also easily add monograms, other texts, and product images using this app. For more options such as charges on products upgrades or add-ons, you can easily customize this setting using the Infinite Product Options app. 

Once an order is placed, you would receive an order summary detailing the customer’s order.

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