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Infinite Options Shopify App - App Review and Quick Tutorial by Ecom Experts

4.9(3,941) - Merchandising

Have you ever dreamed of owning a store where your shoppers could design their own products based on their specifications? Now there’s a way. Infinite Options by ShopPad Inc. is a Shopify app on which customers can create a wide variety of customized products using dropdown menus, swatches, text, numbers, calendars, checkboxes, and radio buttons. 

Let’s say your customer wants a purple, size small, short-sleeve shirt that says “Jasmine” on it. You as the store owner have the ability to configure all the settings for her to be able to create that. Your shopper can customize an item in your store in as many different ways as she wants. You can create option sets based on the various items in your store. You can use conditional logic to show options only when they’re needed.

Features & Quirks
  • Create As Many Custom Option Fields
  • Boost The Costs Of Customized Items
  • Translates Well To Mobile Phone
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Options
  • POS Support
  • Swatches
  • Product Bundles
  • Conditional Logic
  • All input types
Full Tutorial & Review

Infinite Options not working for you? Never fear, Ecomexperts has an Infinite Options tutorial to help you get started. 

  • The app dashboard has a top navigation. If you scroll down you can find the app recommendations. 
  • Scroll down to the QuickStart option.
  • In the QuickStart option, you can choose how you want to add your custom products.
  • From the QuickStart option, you can choose to assign options to all of your items, selected items, or items of a specific type
  • For our purposes, we’ll select all items.
  • A window should pop up. In the form type, Enter your custom label.
  • In the next window, set up your field name. Type Custom pot text.
  • In the next window, for the input type, select text. Click save.

So ends the Infinite Product Options Shopify tutorial.

Expert Installation

If you don’t know how to install the app, you can have an expert install it for you for a flat fee of $20. Included in this package are (for one theme)

  • Installation of the snippet code
  • Show option selections on the cart page
  • Show option selections in confirmation emails
  • Show option selections in new order emails
  • Decrease loading time
  • Match Infinite Options to your theme stylistically.
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So if you’re interested in your shoppers being able to do their own customizations with the touch of a button, consider Infinite Options. It has rave reviews, and at only $7.99 a month, the price is right. With Infinite Options, the possibilities are, well, endless.


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