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JustUno Shopify Pop Ups & CRO Tools - Shopify App Review

4.6(2292) - Store Design

Justuno is more than a Shopify Pop Up builder. It’s a complete conversion rate optimization suite. This app offers a variety of fully customizable pop-up solutions: On-site promotions, Banner Ads, Targeted Messages.

Justuno Shopify App could quickly establish itself as one of the key e-mail acquisition and customer engagement solution. With Justuno you can: Double Subscribers, Reduce Cart Abandonment, Increase Sales Conversion.

Free Plan
Free To Install

    Free For <5000 Monthly Visitor Sessions

  • Free Plan With All Standard Features Available Up To 5,000 Monthly Visitor Sessions.
  • Unlimited Traffic During Your 14 Day Risk-free Trial.
Pro Plan 1
  • Paid Plan With All Features Available Up To 10,000 Monthly Visitor Sessions.

Pro Plan 2
  • Paid Plan With All Features Available Up To 25,000 Monthly Visitor Sessions.

Pro Plan 3
  • Paid Plan With All Features Available Up To 50,000 Monthly Visitor Sessions.
  • Plans Available For >50,000 Monthly Visitor Sessions.

Full Tutorial & Review

The installation is as simple as connecting your Shopify or Shopify plus account with the app. You can set the name of your promotion and choose on which device your promotion will appear on. After that, you can decide where you want your promotion to pop-up and set the goal of your promotion. You can decide between capture leads and just showing a web message. There is plenty of themes and templates to choose from. You can make e-mail captures, giveaways, social captures, and spin-to-win-Pop-ups. If we compare this app to others, Justuno’s design wizard is a little bit more difficult to use than Privy’s, but great thing is that you can integrate your e-mail marketing solution with the promotion right away. Justuno’s UI is nowhere near as neat as Privy’s, but once you give Justuno a chance you’ll be surprised with what you can do with the free version only.

One of Justuno’s strongest points is analytics. Thanks to an immersive set of data visualization tools you can gain actionable insights into improving your conversion strategy. The app shows insight into basic information on your promo performance, such as the number of e-mails collected, click engagements and social engagements. There are no limits to how deep you can dig into your data. Segment your traffic by device type, visitor type, and play with the timeframe for a more precise insight. Finally, you can install your cart code to see a breakdown of cart abandonment rates. And, with a conversion code installed you can see the breakdown of your conversion rates by revenue, including the amount Justuno brought to your business.
The customer support team is available via phone and e-mail.

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