Klaviyo app review

Klaviyo: Email, SMS & Forms Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • To start using Klaviyo: Email, SMS & Forms by Klaviyo, start by installing the app, signing up and completing the verification process. Once the verification is complete, you’ll be redirected to the start guide. 

  • Using the gstart guide, start by adding your website and choosing the type of your company,  you can choose between e-commerce, non-profit and “something else”. Next, go on to choose the platform you are using and connect the account with the platform. 

  • Next in line is to input your email details. Klaviyo needs your business's mailing address to ensure that emails comply with anti-spam laws. 

  • Go on to upload your logo, after which you will be able to choose the colors and font of your brand. The last step in the design section is reserved for header and social links. And that is all from the start guide. 

Now, you can move on to the dashboard. On the dashboard, you would see a sidebar with:

  • Dashboard

  • Flows

  • Email templates

  • Lists and segments

  • Profiles

  • Metrics 

  • Integrations

  • Data feeds

  • Signup forms

  • Preference pages

  • Image library and 

  • Tags

Klaviyo utilizes a drag and drop email composer. This lets you create your email designs with relative ease and gives you a preview of what the email will look like in subscribers’ inboxes.

That said, Klaviyo doesn’t sell themselves on great email design. While you’ll be able to create emails that are fully mobile responsive, Klaviyo’s not the tool for creating mind-blowing designs.

To create your first email campaign,click on the campaign from the sidebar, give the campaign a name and choose tags. Once you finish with this window you will be redirected to the recipients’ section. 

Here you can play with including and excluding certain lists, use smart sending and UTM tracking. 

In the content section, you can choose from 4 different email types. You can create it by using drag and drop builder, text-based, choose the template from the library or code your own email content.

You can choose from any of the templates provided and go on to customise it by just dragging and dropping elements. If you want to edit a specific element, just click on it. Next preview it, you can choose to send it to the email or preview it in klaviyo. 

Moving on to flows

  •  In Klaviyo, a flow is an automated sequence that is set in motion by a specific trigger and then includes one or more steps. Flows can be built to send timely communications to recipients via email or SMS, or they can simply apply certain actions, like updating a specific field on a profile.

Klaviyo flows are designed to make it easy to initiate and nurture relationships with your subscribers and customers over the course of their lifecycle. With flows, you can automate emails that will help grow your business, without losing any of the personalization and relevancy needed to build strong customer loyalty.

The Klaviyo Flow Library has a range of pre-built flows that span the customer lifecycle. There are three ways you can filter your view to browse different options:

  • Type

  • Goal

  • Integration

If you want to create the flow from scratch just choose an option, name, tags, and triggers. You can go on to add actions, timing, and logic, just drag and drop them and your email automatization is done.

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