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What better way to show your customers how good your products are and convince them to buy from you than to show them photo reviews of your products made by other customers. 

The next step would be to figure out the best app to use in creating these photo reviews for your Shopify store, and the Loox Photo Reviews Shopify app promises to do just that. Using the Loox Photo Reviews Shopify app, small and large scale Shopify stores can collect customer reviews with photos and display them on their store. 

Loox Photo Reviews Shopify app allows Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to set up reviews using the app in order to improve sales by boosting trust.

Features & Quirks
  • Customizable Product Review Display
  • Easy Email Campaigns
  • Social Media & Google Shopping To Encourage Brand Discovery
  • Available in English, French (Avis) & 15 Other Languages
  • World-Class Customer Support 24/7
  • Import Product Reviews & Photos From Any Source
  • Inline SEO

    +$5 for Loox Referrals (Optional)

  • 100 monthly review request emails
  • Offer discounts for photo reviews
  • Reviews, Ratings & Popup widgets
  • Inline SEO
  • Up to 500 processed orders

    +$5 for Loox Referrals (Optional)

  • 500 monthly review request emails
  • All Basic features
  • All Loox widgets
  • Custom questions
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Advanced customization

    +$5 for Loox Referrals (Optional)

  • 1,500 monthly review request emails
  • All Advanced features
  • Full customization & branding
  • All Loox integrations
  • Facebook Tab
  • Google Shopping


    2,000 review requests included in base price + $100 per additional 2,000 emails. Unlimited emails when you reach $499.99

  • Unlimited monthly review request emails
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • All Pro features
  • Onboarding call
  • Customer success manager
Full Tutorial & Review
  • Once the Loox Photo Reviews Shopify app is installed on your Shopify store, it opens to the welcome page. There you can see a testimonial on the left and a discount picker on the right. To encourage customers to leave a review, offer them something in return; using Loox, you can create automatic discounts for each photo review posted. 

  • Next, you can import reviews from other app or customize your review widget. 

On the app dashboard, you’ll find campaign overview, progress tab and FAQ; also, you would find a top navigation menu with 

  • The app Settings

  • Orders

  • Reviews

  • Import Reviews

  • Reports

  • Help


In the help tab, you can find a lot of useful articles, and if that is not enough, customer support is available via live chat. 

On the progress tab, you can check the steps you still need to cover. First on the list is Schedule bonus emails; click on that. Bonus emails are basically emails requesting reviews from your past clients. You can choose if you want to send requests to customers that made a purchase on your site 30, 60 or 90 days back. Choose a timeline, then click on the red button that says Continue to settings. 

On the setting window, the first step is Language; 9 languages are available for you to choose from.

On the next tab, you would find handling reviews, and here you can choose which reviews are going to be automatically published, and you can also set the rules for email notifications. 

In the “Review request email tab”, you can play with email timing, texts, logos; basically, you can make it fit your overall brand. In the following tabs, a lot of customization is available. You can set the rules for discounts, review and photo reminders, change review form and handling emails. Suggested text is great, so it is not a huge mistake if you leave it as it is. 

In the display reviews tab, you can change the look and feel of your reviews widget and badges. And if you click on the integration tab on the left, you can connect the Loox with your favorite Shopify app. If you want to customize your review widget and form even further, you can do that in the customize tab. All changes are automatically saved so you can go back to the dashboard. 

You can check other steps in the progress tab. Edit email content - done, Add your logo to emails also done and Send reminder email. Finally, refresh to see how it looks on your site. 

Go the extra mile to try out the app by writing a review. Click on write a review, a new window pop-up, select the number of stars, upload the photo. The final step is to write your details, and that is it.

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We have to admit that the Loox Photo Reviews Shopify app is a great one, probably the best one we reviewed in its category. The only complaint is the lack of Analytics, but it can be easily overlooked with the great features this app offers. 

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