Build A Customer Loyalty Program: LoyaltyLion App Review and Tutorial

Build A Customer Loyalty Program: LoyaltyLion App Review and Tutorial

  • Once the Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals Shopify App by LoyaltyLion is installed, you'll be greeted with a popup where you'll be offered a step-by-step guide. Before you are ready to launch your loyalty program, you will need to finish these 6 steps. The first one is the design of your program. In this step, you should give your program a name, choose your theme colors, customize the widget, and choose a position of the widget button. 

  • In the next step, you should decide when your customers will earn points and how many points each action is worth.

  • And on the 3rd step, these points start to make sense since here you will create discount vouchers - basically how customers can redeem their points. 

  • One last step before our big launch - loyalty program preview! Loyaltylion allows you to preview your program before going live, so you can tweak it until it is perfect. 

Once it looks good, you can publish it. LoyaltyLion uses the existing customer account information from your Shopify store - no separate account is created. However, if you currently have accounts disabled in your store, you will need to enable it. 


  • Now, you have to accept the terms and conditions, after which check the dashboard. The dashboard looks good, something you would expect to see from the app of this rank. 

Something we didn't see in the start guide is referrals. By Incentivising referrals, you can acquire more customers and increase sales. 

  • The process is straightforward; click on the button and choose which action do you want to reward. This is a really big list of actions, and if you choose this option, you can create a custom rule. 

  • It's time for emails; LoyaltyLion provides you with emails that are sent out to your customers automatically to make sure they know how many points and rewards are available specifically to them. Each email is personalized to an individual customer.

Types of Loyaltylion emails:

  1. Welcome to the Loyalty program 
  2. Reward available
  3. Monthly reward reminder
  4. Points expiring soon
  5. Referral email

Email design is simple, nothing fancy, but you can customize it easily. If you have coding knowledge, it is possible to create your own template. Send a test email to see how it looks, and you'll be done setting up the app. 


Uninstalling The Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals Shopify App

Most apps make changes to your liquid code, and when you uninstall them, that code won't go away; Loyaltylion is one of them. So in case, you installed Loyaltylion, and it didn't work out for you, make sure that you remove the code residual from your theme code. 


  • To do this, first, uninstall the app from the Shopify admin as you would normally do, and now we need to jump to theme code.


Click on the online store and choose themes. We would recommend you duplicate your live theme so in case something goes wrong, you will still have your shop. 

  • In this window, click on actions, and from the drop-down menu, choose Duplicate. Once the Duplicate is made, click on actions again, but this time choose edit code. 

In the theme editor, search for theme.liquid. 

Find this line:

{% include "loyaltylion" %} 


Highlight and remove it. Click on save, and Loyaltylion is removed from your store.

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