Use Facebook to Boost Sales: Messenger Channel Shopify App Tutorial and Review

Use Facebook to Boost Sales: Messenger Channel Shopify App Tutorial and Review

  • Once the Messenger Channel app by Shopify is added to your store, you'll be moved to the account window. You should connect your Facebook page on this window so click on connect our account and a new window popup. Log in to your account, choose the page you want to connect to, give necessary permissions, and link your store with a Facebook page. Back on the account tab, choose the page from the drop-down menu, click on connect, and it is all done. 

  • Moving on to the dashboard, you might find it a bit tricky. There is no dashboard, just two pages, one for an account and one for customization. Once the account is done, you can jump to the customization.

In the customization window, the first stop is a message us button; enable it. Once you enable a message us button, you will be able to choose from 4 different button styles. When you look at it, four styles are not that much, but your customers should know that this is Facebook messenger chat and using some other icon will make them confused, and you don't want that. 

Most of the websites place their live chat in the bottom right, and customers are used to searching for help there, so you can go on to choose the bottom right. But in case you don't want it there, because you have another chat app in that corner or some other reason, you can choose from placing it in the bottom left, top right and top left. 

  • In this first step, you can choose from three different icon sizes. You can choose from small, medium and large, click on the save and this part is done. This app definitely offers limited customization, not only in terms of button style, but there is no option for custom positioning, sizes, and the chat button text has to remain the same.

This is a limitation; for example, if you're selling in France, you would want your buttons to be in the French language too. If you are not selling in the native English speaking countries, you are stuck with only two designs, these two without text. 

  • The following section is Customer order updates. Customer order updates are basically a button on your order status page that lets customers sign up for order updates in Messenger. Your store's Facebook Page automatically sends updates, and customers can message your Page once they've received the first update. Click on the button there to enable it, and there are no additional customizations so that you can jump to the messenger menu.  

  • The Messenger menu is the in-app menu that lets customers browse your products and learn about your store. Pre-maid menu items are Shop now; visit the website and learn more, which will tell customers more about your company. In case you want to edit or add another item, just click on the edit menu button. Moving on to Shop now, here you can change the menu item title, message, and also button text. And that is it from the shop now menu item. 

  • To continue, visit the website menu item; you can try to rename this field. Check out your new collection, and add a link to your collection. This way, you are not stuck with these three items, but you can add the button to your collection, dedicated sales page, blog post or whatever you choose. 

  • Save this menu and go back to the customizations tab. Messenger sends auto messages when people browse products and get order updates. For order updates, there are 4 templates. 

  • Order confirmation

  • Shipping confirmation

  • Out of delivery and

  • Delivered 

Click on order confirmation and customize it a little. On the right, you would find the message preview, and on the left, you can change the content of your automated messages. 

The last step in the customization tab is shopping automated messages; you have 5 templates:

  • Welcome message

  • Collections

  • Products

  • Product options

  • No products available

On the Welcome message, click on it and again similar design; now it's time to try out the app. Reload your shop, and you should find a Message us button below, select the icon, and you should be redirected to the messenger app. Also, check out your sales menu item.


What is Messenger Channel by Shopify App?

With the Messenger Channel by Shopify app, merchants can now make sales and offer customer support, all from the Facebook Messenger app. Customers can now browse through your product catalogue and even proceed to checkout without leaving the messenger app. 
Shopify merchants can also send customers automatic status updates on their order in the Messenger. And whenever they have any questions, they can always have a real-time conversation with you using Messenger.
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