Collect Product Reviews on Shopify: Okendo App Review and Tutorial

Collect Product Reviews on Shopify: Okendo App Review and Tutorial

  • Once you have installed and integrated the Okendo Product Reviews & UGC Shopify app, you'll be directed to the start guide. On the first page, you'll find installation; there 3 options are available, 

  • auto-install 

  • Developer install-Okendo will send you email instructions for you to install, or you can choose

  • Okendo install - where the okendo support team will handle the installation for you, free of charge.

Clicking on auto-install and the green button from the install details tab. Okendo duplicates your current theme, only adding the okendo widget to the copy of the theme and tidying up old review widgets.

  • Next, click on start installation, and now you just need to sit and wait until the installation is done. After a little more than 2 minutes, the preview of your them should be done, so click on the "open preview in new window" button.

  • On the product page, scroll down to find the review. The quality and value bar and "was this helpful" feature are great additions. To return to the app, click on the product page and "open preview in new window" here. Click on Yes to return to the dashboard and click on continue to admin, and you should be on the app dashboard!

The dashboard looks clean, menu to the left with the list of items:

  •  Get Started

  •  Moderation

  •  Products

  •  Attributes

  •  Groups

  •  Automated

  •  Queue

  •  Rewards

  •  General and

  • Widget 

  • On the get started tab, you'll find tips for the menu. Click on the next item from the menu, which is Moderation. You can see all the reviews in the moderation tab, be it pending, approved or rejected; just choose from this drop-down menu. New reviews will be waiting for your approval in the pending section here. 

  • Next, the products tab which contains a list of your products with the number of reviews and average rating. 

  • Attributes enable you to capture deeper insights into who your customers are and what they love (and don't love) about your products. Click on the green button that says "Create Attribute," and a new window should open. The first step is to choose a collection; just pick one from the drop-down menu. In case you can't find your collection click on the green button that says Don't see your collections? Or contact support via live chat. If you are lucky and can see your collections, you can set both product and customer attributes. There are four types of attributes:

  1. Range: Customers provide a rating on a scale of 1-5.  

  2. Centred Range: Customers provide a rating on a scale of 1-5. 

  3. Multi-Select: Customers can select multiple options.

  4. Single Select: Customers must select a single option.

  • In the review section, the next step is groups. Product groups allow you to display reviews from multiple products on a single product page. 

  • Once you're done with reviews, jump to the email real quick and choose automated. In the automated mail tab, you can set emails that are sent automatically to your customers after a purchase, asking for a review. In this section, you can fully customize your email, and you can also include a discount code which is nice. 

  • On the loyalty tab, there are 3 options for rewards: available coupons, loyalty points and no reward for leaving the review. Click on loyalty points, and you need to finish general settings before you can do anything in this step. Go to general settings here, and a new window should appear. In this tab, the first step is to set rules for your email notifications, you can choose if you want to get notifications each time customers leave reviews, and you can set rules for the daily and weekly digest. 

  • In the general settings tab, you can also set rules for auto-publishing; just toggle the buttons from off to on. 7 integrations are available, including In case you want to import or export reviews, this is the place where you can do that too. 

  • On the widget settings, you can choose to

  • Show Review Widgets

  • Show the "Write a Review" Button and

  • Show Reviews Tab, which adds a small, floating tab to your store, which, when clicked, displays all your published reviews. 

Turn as many as you want on, and for the review order, you can go with Media first. You can choose to allow media uploads in reviews and social media login in the capture form settings. For styling, click on style review widgets, and a new window should appear. In this tab, you can change colors, spacing and visibility for every element of your widget. Check the visibility section here, and customize your widget to fit your theme and your needs.

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