Should You Use One Click Upsell by Zipify On Your Shopify Store? 2022 Review

Should You Use One Click Upsell by Zipify On Your Shopify Store? 2022 Review

  • To start using the OCU App by Zipify, first search for it on the Shopify app store and integrate it into your Shopify store.
  • OCU by Zipify uses funnels to create a specific experience. These funnels are created through a drag and drop builder that lets you create upsell and downsell pages easily.  You can create multiple stages and even create a different funnel for different products.
  • Each funnel need an upsell tag which you need to create. These tags connect your store products to different funnels. These upsell funnels are added on as hidden collections in Shopify. To add them, go to your Shopify admin page, click product, collections. 
  • For every funnel you create, you can choose to upsell or downsell offer products by creating a new offer page or copying an existing offer page. 
  • Next, you can opt to change the priority of the offer page to adjust the order in which customers see offers within an upsell funnel. Funnel priority is used when a cart contain products which trigger two or more funnels. In this case, the funnel with the highest priority is triggered. 
  • Going on, you can now add customized title description and discounted costs For every upsell or downsell offer page, you can add customized title description and discounted costs. You can also change the colors of the offer pages to match your website theme.
  • After this is completed you have created an upsell page. The next step is to link it to the main product triggering the upsell funnel. Do this by adding the respective upsell tag to the trigger page. 
  •  Depending on your choice the upsell funnels can be enabled or disabled anytime you choose. 

With OCU by Zipify, you can present as many as three upsell and two down sell offers to your customers. 

As long as they keep accepting upsells customers would be presented 3 upsell offers. On the other hand, when they decline the first and second upsell offer they would then be presented with a downsell offer.

However, if they decline the first and second downsell offer they would be returned to the order confirmation page. 

With OCU by Zipify, you can split test the upsell and downsell offers added to the upsell funnel. When you try to create a split test you are then presented two options: 

  • Same Product: This allows you to split test one product against itself using a different page design to see which design performs better. 
  • Different Product: This allows you to split test different products in one upsell funnel position to determine which one would return a higher conversion rate.

As an added bonus, you also receive an email sequence to increase sales with each subscription to One Click Upsell. This is a set of five emails you can initiate whenever a customer abandons their cart.

What is One Click Upsell App?

One Click Upsell by Zipify increases post-purchase upsells as customers make their purchases. This tool ensures that potential customers who are willing to make a purchase see relevant products before they make their final purchase. With this tool, you can increase post-purchase upsells and also create post purchase emails as a way to boost sales, engagement and also ensure positive product reviews.

You should consider using the One Click Upsell app by Zipify as a marketing strategy to improve the sales of your Shopify store. Using this app you can easily create custom upsell and downsell offer pages which are then shown to customers once they have filled their cart and entered their payment details. 

It offers in-cart and post purchase upsells & cross-sells that increases the average order value of products. You can also optimize your upsells by using the different offers and quantities provided by One Click Upsell.  

Claims by the company estimate that using the One Click Upsell app would increase your Shopify revenue by 10-15% instantly.

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