Order Status Tracker Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Order Status Tracker Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Install the Order Status Tracker Shopify App from the app store, and on the dashboard, you should find two navigation menu items: Settings and Help. You’ll also find a counter of orders tracked - lifetime orders and orders tracked this month.

  • Once done, you should receive a congratulations message that your order tracking form is already created; this should happen automatically. You’ll also find more information here for your tracking form;- Where you can find it on our demo shop, how to enable and disable it and where to change the settings. Below there’s a tab to view your page, and you should click on it. 


  • Down here, we have more information about the form “ If the changes made are not reflected then, delete the page and revisit the app. The page gets regenerated, and the changes made will be reflected.”    


  • Back to the app dashboard, click on settings. Start with visibility settings and click on enable; the order lookup page should now be visible on your site.


  • In the customization section, you can change the form layout and design. Change the background color, the output format, and you can choose between Table and Grid view. The final item on the customization section is ‘Required input’. What information do you want your customers to key in to get the details of their order? From the drop-down menu, make a choice and click save to save your settings.

  • Now you can return to the dashboard. Reload your store to see your changes, and you can even test the app to see how it looks, and this is coming from a free plan.
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