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Build Your Own Contact Form: POWR Form Builder App Review and Tutorial

4.5(1169) - Customer Service

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers as an e-commerce store owner. To reach these customers though, you need to collect their details and to do this you would need a contact form. 

Using the Powr Form Builder app, you can now build professional forms to collect information from your customers. Whether it is an email signup form, feedback form or product registration form, the Powr Form Builder app allows you to build these forms from its dashboard. 

It’s instant email alerts feature also makes sure you never miss a form submission. Using the Powr Form Builder app to create forms for your Shopify store is a great idea and you would find out how in this app review.

Features & Quirks
  • Email Alerts For New Form Responses.
  • Multiple Field Options
  • Flexible Positioning
  • Automatic Customizable Email Responses
  • Captcha Solver
  • Conditional Logic
  • File Uploads Up To 100MB
  • Multi-Page Form
  • Create Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Views
  • 25 Submissions/mo
  • 6 Form Elements
  • Autoresponder Emails


    Or $0.67/month Billed At $8.09 Once Per Year

  • As Free +
  • 100 Submissions/mo
  • 12 Form Elements
  • File Uploads
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • Picture Choice
  • Limit Submissions Per User


    Or $1.20/month Billed At $14.39 Once Per Year

  • As Starter +
  • 1000 Submissions/mo
  • 20 Form Elements
  • Conditional Logic
  • Set Submission Limit/Deadline
  • Shopify Customers + Mailchimp Integration


    Or $6.00/month Billed At $71.99 Once Per Year

  • Unlimited Access To All 50 POWR Apps:
  • - Form Builder
  • - Popup
  • - Image Slider
  • - Social Feed
  • - Photo Gallery
  • - Map
  • - And Much More!
Full Tutorial & Review
  • Once the app is installed and integrated with your Shopify store, you’ll be automatically taken to the form editor. First, there’s a welcome popup with basic tips. On the right, there are the elements and content of your plugin, The design tab is for customization and when you’re satisfied with the design you need to click “Add to site” and that is it.

  • To start making your contact form. First, you have 8 themes to choose from, in the next section, you should choose the type of form you want to build and the choose a template. In this case, choose Contact Form and click on continue with the template. 

  • On the Form tab you can play with the content and elements of your form. You can add up to 6 elements on a free plan. See what else you can add by clicking on add element and wow! We can add so many things, text, images, checkbox, phone number, rating and so many more! Let’s try emoji feedback. A new window appeared where we can change the text of our emojis. This looks really nice! You can even make it a required field just toggle this button from off to on. Click on done and we are done with the Form tab.

  • Moving on to the settings tab, the first step in this tab is to set email form admin. Let’s click on that and in the new window add your email. This app also allows you to get an email whenever someone abandons payment. In the settings tab you can set submission Behavior and here there’s integrations. Once this step is done, you can jump to the next tab which is the payment. In this tab, you can allow your customers to pay via this form. Connect payment accounts, add product details, tax shipping and discount if you want and you are all done. You can use it for One-time purchase, donations or subscription. 

On the Design tab you can choose from: 

  • Smart Design

  • Popup Positioning

  • Layout

  • Animation

  • Background & Border

  • Fonts

  • Submit Button

  • Advanced

  • Plugin Width


  • Starting with Smart Design “Match your website and plugin designs!" Paste the URL of a website in https:// format, and we will grab a background color and a font from it.” Click on Generate Design, after a few seconds, your form should be generated. To style it a little bit more click on Done and the next step is Popup Positioning. This tab is as the name says for popup positioning. You can choose the button or a tab which when clicked will trigger your form to pop up. Moving on to the Animation section and here you can choose different animations for both buttons and form entrance. Again click on done, and your form is ready. 

Then click on “Add to Site” and you are on the plan picker page. Select a plan and after which you’ll be returned to the editor. 

  • On the Form builder installation page, here you can choose if you want to do it by yourself, or let the app do the work for you. To let the app install the code for us, and for the pages, choose everywhere. Click on add to pages and it is installed. To quickly see what has been done click on view and you should be on your demo shop. 

After installing this app, if you choose to uninstall it and remove the code from your store we have to show you how. Go to the shopify admin. Remove the app from the Shopify admin as you would do with every other app. 

Jump to the theme code and from there search for product.liquid. Delete this line of code and click on the save button. However if you injected the code directly in a template, this code should be removed manually. In case you need help with this, leave us a comment, or contact us on our social media pages. 

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Our speed test of the POWR Mailchimp Form Builder Shopify App showed that the page speed grade is decreased by 5%, YSlow grade went from 92% to 90%, loading time went up by 4.3 seconds, page size went up by 838KB and we have 28 additional requests. 

This review wouldn’t be complete without testing this app on a mobile. We have to admit this app looks even better on mobile and while we’re not big fans of the Powr branding, it can be easily removed if you decide to upgrade.

You can also contact customer support via email.

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