Print On Demand Dropshipping Products: Printful Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Print On Demand Dropshipping Products: Printful Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Install the Printful: Print on Demand Shopify app and integrate it with your Shopify store. Once done, you should be on the account creation tab. Fill in the details and click on Sign Up. Now you need to Connect the store with your email, click on the red button, and you should be on the app’s dashboard!

Dashboard looks nice, it is clean and easy to navigate. You’ll find a top navigation menu with a list of items:

  • My Printful

  • Products

  • Orders

  • File library and

  • Warehouse

 And if you click on the icon here, you can find account settings, billing, statistics, affiliate and help. 

  • Click on Products here and you should be on the new tab. On the products tab you’ll find a list of your current products and an option to add more products. So click on the Red button that says add product and a new popup window should appear. On the left you should find product filters and on the right product selection. There are several options in the filtering sections you can choose from:  

    • Men's clothing 

    • Women's clothing 

    • Kids & youth clothing

    • Hats

    • Accessories

    • Home & living

And each of the items expands with the drop down menu.

On this page you can see estimated production time, variants, sizing, price and also in which countries is it available. Choose the first one and you should be on the design tab. On this page you can find more details about the product, choose which sizes and colors you want to sell and also you can choose where you want to place your design. You can pick from front, back, right sleeve and left sleeve, once you’re done click on Upload file, to add your own design. 


But you can also add text and choose from the apps clipart. 

On the new popup window, you might not have any designs, but as soon as we upload one, it will be shown in this field here. No need to upload it every time you want to use it, just click on it from this window. 

Now that your design is uploaded,  just click on choose and you’ll be back to the design tab. Here you can play with the size and position of our design, make it fit safe print area and proceed to mockups. On the next page you have to decide which mockup styles will be shown on your website, this is all ok so click on Proceed to description. 5 languages are available for description, choose one and go on to tweak the product title a little. Also if you scroll down you can change the description and size guide measurement system. 

Ok jump to the pricing tab, here you can change the price for each product size, which is a nice feature. The next step is to publish the product, but first choose the collection. Now you can click on the Submit to store button. Back to the dashboard, your product should appear and you can see how it looks in the store. 

Click on View in Shopify and you should find it. The next thing to do is to go back to the dashboard and see what else you can do with this app. 

If you click on My printful you will get a lot of useful information not only about Printful, but Store Marketing in general.  Also this is the tab where you will get help in you case you need it. Also you can reach customer support via live chat in the right corner.

When you get your first order, it will be shown in the Orders tab. In the orders tab you can find the quick tutorial on How to place a manual order. And if you navigate to the File library you can find all your designs, and also upload your own. 


Printfull app offers warehousing and fulfilment services for both the US and EU. All you need to do is to follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Fist step is to click on "Add new product" in the Inventory tab to create and submit your product for our approval.

  • Once the products are approved, create a shipment that you’ll mail to printful.

  • When the products reach Printful and they're stocked, you'll see them in the Inventory tab.

  • And Sync the products with your store.

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