PRODUCT REVIEWS SHOPIFY APP - Honest Review and Quick Tutorial

PRODUCT REVIEWS SHOPIFY APP - Honest Review and Quick Tutorial

  • Download the Product Reviews app by Shopify from the Shopify app store, and you would be directed to the installation instruction page. This app doesn’t automatically add the code to your theme, so you need to manually copy the code snippet and manually insert it into your theme. It is not that difficult, so grab that code and jump right to the Online store and then click on themes.
  • Once you found the theme you want to edit, click on Actions, and choose Edit code in the drop-down menu. If you want your reviews to be shown on the product page, search for product-template.liquid under the sections tab. Paste the snippet under the product description. Once this step is done, save it and go to your website to see how it is working. 

Next, it is time to add reviews to our collection pages. 

  • So go back to the app and click on “Show instructions” follow the same process as with product pages. Go back to the theme code and search for snippets/product-grid-item.liquid. But first, copy the code. If you are using the Debut theme, the snippet for this would be called product-card-grid.liquid. Paste code snippet here, and save changes. 

Next, check to see if it works on your website. Once confirmed, click on “verify and continue” - in this step, you can check if you installed the code successfully if your store is not password-protected. 

  • Going back to the dashboard, you can import reviews in the top left corner, and you would see products and settings on the right. Click on Settings and try to customize Your reviews widget a little. 
  • You would find the top right corner where the install instructions, import, export, and save button can be found on the settings page.

Next, auto-publish in this section here; you can choose if the reviews are going to be published automatically. You choose “You must manually publish new reviews” just to see it in action. Next is email notifications; you can enable it too if you want your inbox full of reviews. Who doesn’t love a full inbox? 

  • The Product reviews app allows you to choose your own color for the rating stars; you can choose whatever color fits best your theme. So click on custom color and choose a color.
  • The next step is the customization of your review listing. In this section, you can choose whether you want to show reviews on load or not. You can also edit the colors of your border and divider. Going on, you can show between 2 and 100 reviews per page. 

In the next section, you can change the text of our review widget. You can change the review headline and review link. Basically, you can change the overall look and feel of the widget. Let’s fast forward to the Review form text.

  • In the review form text, you can change the text of our form fields, and also, we can choose which fields are required, optional and hidden. You can also edit the Badge text. 

In the settings window, you can uninstall the snippet from the theme, reset all settings to the default, and export deleted reviews.

Final check, refresh your store page to see how it looks. You can even test the app even more by writing a review. Scroll down to the review widget and click on Write a review.

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