Improve Your Social Proof: ProveSource Social Proof Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Improve Your Social Proof: ProveSource Social Proof Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Once the app is installed, you should be on the dashboard. You'll find the plan picker, ProveSource ads, affiliates program, help and install instructions in the top navigation menu. If you need any help, customer support is available via live chat and email, and the help centre offers tons of useful articles, so make sure you check it out. 

  • You'll find the notification tab, conversion goals, performance, events feed, and app settings in the menu to the left. 

  • To make your first website notification. Go ahead and click on the blue button that says New Notification. A new window popup should appear for notification creation. The first step is to choose the type of notification you want to show on your website. 5 options are available:
  • Stream-Individual actions made by your clients
  • Informational-Important points for your visitors
  • Counter-total page visits, conversions or real-time visits
  • Reviews-Show positive reviews from the other platforms such as FB or Google and 
  • The combo-The goal is to show a large number of visitors who took action on your shop.

Choose one, and you should be on the Track tab. First, you'll find the type of actions you want to track; two options are available Visits and Conversion. Pro-tip, choose Visits if you don't have a lot of conversion on your shop. Bigger numbers, better chance to make a sale. 

  • On the following pages, you can set the additional rules for tracking. Three options are available: Simple, contains and regex, and you can choose from. 

  • You should be on the display tab; you should choose which pages your notifications would be shown on this page. Again for page filtering, you have Simple, contains and regex, and all pages. It is important to consult your favorite marketing person on this since this notification on the cart and checkout pages can distract your customers from finalizing the purchase. On the other side, it can push your customers into buying if it is done right. 

Choose one and click on next. 

  • On the message and language tab. For notifications, 32 languages are available and using the button; you can turn on Right-To-Left Support then click on next. 

  • Moving on to Customization, in the design section, the first step is to choose the position of your notification; most merchants place this notification in the bottom left. The live chat is probably well-positioned in the bottom right, but in the bottom left is not the best fit for your website; you can choose between bottom right, bottom centre, top right, and top left. 

  • If you don't want to show this notification on mobile, toggle this button from off to on. You can also edit the text color and background.

  • The Next section is behaviour - here, you need to choose if you want to allow customers to turn off notification. Also, one nice feature, if you turn on a "clickable notification", your customer is redirected to another page. If you are running a sale, this can seriously boost your conversion rate. Paste the link to your discounted product and turn on "Open notification link in a new tab" since you don't want to distract your customer from another product. 

  • In the Time Rules section, you need to set rules for your visits count. Four options are available, 24h, 7days, 30 days or all time and choose one. 

  • The last step in the customization tab is to set display rules; the first step is to choose your notification frequency, you can show it once or multiple times and Minimum events to display - 0. Now it's time to set the duration of the notification. Also, in this section, you can hide the exact number of events for privacy reasons. 

  • Once you're done on the customization tab, you're only left with the 6th tab, which is Launch. Click on Next, and you should be on the final tab. Just give your notification a name, and your social proof campaign is ready to be shown. 

Back to the dashboard, your campaign should be active. You can see how it looks on your desktop preview. 

Returning back to the dashboard to see what else you can do with this app. 

  • Click on New notification again and choose reviews. You can choose between Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and yotpo. Let's click on FB, and a notification should pop up asking, "Connect your Facebook account to proceed:" I would love to, but where?? Ok, skip that and let's add google instead. Just add place id, and click on Next. The display is the same as for combo notification; we will choose All pages and click on Next. There is nothing new on neither Message nor Customize tabs, so you should name this notification test review and click on launch. 

Note that you can only show one notification at a time on a free plan, so be sure to check out how it looks by refreshing your store.

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