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Best Shopify Web Push Notifications App? Push Monkey App Review and Tutorial

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Web Push notifications are very popular, especially with an increased rate of customer cart abandonment. These web push notifications are prompts sent to users via their desktop web or mobile web, so anytime a user has their browser open, they get these notifications regardless of whether or not they are on the website. 

To create web push notifications, you need a promotional channel that does the work for you. The Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools Shopify app allows you to send web push notifications to customers who fail to complete their checkout. 

The Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools app for Shopify offers to recover abandoned carts, boost sales with back-in-stock and price drop alerts, and you can also send promotional campaigns directly to the screens of your customers. We have compiled a detailed review of everything the Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools app has to offer Shopify store owners into this app review, and you can find out all you need to know by reading further.

Features & Quirks
  • Price Drop Notifications
  • Back In Stock Notifications
  • Easy To Setup
  • Analytics
Free Plan
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart, Back In Stock Notifications, Price Drop Notifications
  • Event Segmentation
  • Custom Branding
  • Up To 100 Subscribers

2,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart, Back In Stock Notifications, Price Drop Notifications
  • Event Segmentation
  • Custom Branding
  • Up To 2,000 Subscribers

5,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart, Back In Stock Notifications, Price Drop Notifications
  • Event Segmentation
  • Custom Branding
  • Up To 5,000 Subscribers

10,000 Subscribers
  • More Pricing Plans Available On Our Pricing Page!
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart, Back In Stock Notifications, Price Drop Notifications
  • Event Segmentation
  • Custom Branding
  • Up To 10,000 Subscribers
Full Tutorial & Review
  • To start using the Push Monkey app, you have to first install the app and once done; you should be on the app dashboard. You'll find app recommendations, quick analytics, and under it, some more detailed analytics in this dashboard. On the left, you'll also find a sidebar navigation with the list of items.

In case you need customer support, you can reach them via live chat. 

  • To start testing this app, go to the sidebar, choose Shopify and after that, settings. On this page, you'll find app recommendations again and under it our notifications. This is the page where you'll do most of the app customization. So start with the first notification, which is Abandoned cart notifications; click on configure, and it'll take you to a new window. 

  • The first step is time rules; you can choose after how many minutes your notifications will be sent. You can send up to 3 messages. Also, in this window, you can change the notification text, save it and move to the next notification.

  • The next step is to configure your back-in-stock notification. Same procedure, click on configure, and you'll be on the new tab. Here you can change the notification title and message and change the floating label. The floating label is basically the section on your product page where your visitors can subscribe to be notified when the item is back in stock. 

  • Here you can change the text, title, message, button, success message and colors. Speaking of colors, not that much of customization is available; you can choose the background color from this drop-down menu or select your custom color, but you can only change the background color; the text will stay white. 

  • Push Monkey allows you to add price drop notifications and product review reminders. 

  • The next step is Welcome discounts. Click on configure, and you'll be redirected to the new tab. First, there's a custom message; premade is not the best one, so change it to something more appealing and add a link to your collections page. You can also include a picture if you want to make a more attractive notification. Once notifications are all done, you can check what you have done. 

Jump to our lovely demo shop, and here it is, an excellent start. It is working like we are promised, so we can go back to the dashboard and check what else we can do with this app.

  • Click on the first button in the sidebar, and a new window should appear the campaign creation window. Push Monkey app allows you to send push campaigns, promotional campaigns sent directly to your customers' screens. You can easily send notifications to your customers about the great deals you planned for the holiday season. You can also schedule the campaigns here in this window, and that is it from this window.

If you want to set notifications based on consumers' behavior, you can create a drip campaign. Basically, a series of notifications to increase your conversions leads or click metrics.

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While the Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools is definitely useful for the upcoming holiday season, it does the job just fine. However, we weren't big fans of the app; the main problem is that this app wasn't made exclusively for the Shopify stores, so we had that "Shopify" section, and we needed to search for our notification in the app like really search for it. However, if that is not a problem for you, then you can make your choice.

As usual with our app reviews, we ran a speed test to see if the Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools slows down your app in any way. We tested our demo store using our speed test tool before and after installing the app. Next, we compared the results in our history. 

Before we installed this app, we had 26 requests, and our page was 0.4MB big. After installing the app, we see 3 additional requests and a 200KBs difference in page size. 

We all know the importance of mobile, so we always test the performance of every app using mobile devices. The Push Monkey app works great on mobile.

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