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PushOwl Web Push Notifications For Shopify - App Review and Tutorial

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As an eCommerce store owner, you may have at some point tried to place orders on other websites and probably also abandoned your cart. When this happens, you might have also noticed that you receive constant email reminders asking you to complete your order, some of them even containing discount codes. Getting all of us might have convinced you to complete your order, and your first thought might have been how do I get this for my Shopify store? 

The PushOwl Web Push Notifications app for Shopify is exactly what you need. Using the PushOwl Web Push Notifications app for Shopify, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate on your Shopify store by sending automatic notifications to your customers. You can also upsell products and offer incentives to your customers to buy more. 

If you want to know more about the PushOwl Web Push Notifications app for Shopify, then you have come to the right place; this app review should answer all your questions.

Features & Quirks
  • Segmentation Builder / Subscriber Segments
  • Custom Reporting
  • Optimized Delivery Times
  • Flash Sales (Expiry Time)
  • Subscriber Sync
  • Personalized Notifications
  • Notification Center Icon

    Use Basic Automations And Send Push Campaigns To All Your Subscribers

    500 Impressions Per Month

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Push Notification Scheduling
  • Welcome Notification Sequence
  • Back-in-stock Automation
  • Price Drop Automation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Basic Reports (Impressions, Clicks, Revenue)
  • Chat Support


    Abandoned Cart Reminders And More To Bring Your Store To The Next Level

    1000 Impressions Per Month

  • All Basic Features)
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders (Sequence With 3 Editable Notifications))
  • Hero Images (Large Image Inside The Push Notification))
  • Shipping Notifications)
  • Subscriber Details (Sync Subscribers With Shopify Account Data))
  • Subscriber Migration (Import & Export Of Existing Subscribers From Other Platforms)
  • Chat Support


    Email Us For Custom Plans That Include Our Advanced Features And Services

  • All Business Features
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • Flash Sale (Notifications With Expiry Time)
  • Smart Delivery (Delivery Optimized For Individual Subscribers)
  • Browse Abandonment To Bring Back Subscribers That Viewed A Product But Didn't Take Any Action
  • Dedicated Strategy Manager
  • Integration Engineer
  • Custom Buttons For Triggering The Subscription Prompt
  • Notification Center Icons For Better Brand Recall
  • Phone Support
  • Advanced Analytics (Coming Soon)
  • Chat Support
Full Tutorial & Review
  • Start by installing the app from the Shopify app store. Then you can move on to the start guide. On the start guide, the first step is Meet push notifications, and here you should get the push notification definition "Push notifications are concise, compelling and clickable messages that are shown directly on the screens of your customers." 


  • Click on "continue", and you should find more info about notifications; on desktop, notifications are shown even if the browser is closed, and on mobile, you can see push notifications on the lock screen. Also, there is no need for your customers to provide their email addresses or phone numbers; all they have to do is just click on an 'Allow' button. 


  • To test how this push notification looks, first add your brand logo. In the next step, you can change the notification text in this step, then click on continue.


The next page should give you more information about the app; Pushowl will automatically send cart abandonment, back in stock and notification for discounted prices. That is it, so click on finish.


On the dashboard's sidebar, you would find a list of items:

  • Campaign creation


  • Home


  • Automation


  • Reports for Campaigns and subscribers


  • Widgets and


  • App settings


There are some basic campaign analytics on the home page, and from here, you can play with the time frame for more precise insight. 

Next, click on Automation in the sidebar, and it should expand with the list of automated campaigns. Abandoned Cart reminders and Shipping notifications are pro features, so you have to upgrade your plan to use them.

To set up the Back in Stock Alert, a notification sent to subscribers whenever an out-of-stock product is available; again, click on the icon. In case you want to turn this auto campaign off, you can do that by toggling the button from on to off. In the following section, you have a preview of our notification, and in case you want to customize it, just click on the green button that says edit this notification. Here you can change the title, message, and a primary link. Product images are dynamically generated, which is a nice feature. Once you are satisfied with the design of the app, just click on done, and you will be back to the previous window. 

PushOwl lets you add Flyout Widget Content - a widget which content is used on out-of-stock product pages. You can change the Message text, yes button and success message. Under it, you can see how the notification will look like. 

For price drop notifications, a notification sent to subscribers whenever the price of a product is dropped. If you want to add it too, click on the Price drop in the sidebar and the same template appears. After filling this in, you can jump to welcome notifications.  

Click on Welcome Notification from the sidebar, and a new tab should open. As the name says, a welcome notification is a notification sent to the subscriber as soon as they subscribe to your store notifications. 
To create a campaign, click on create a campaign from the sidebar, and it should take you to a new window. This feature is used if you want to send announcements or do a flash sale for only subscribed users. You can also schedule it, which can be frankly very useful on a busy sales day. 
Finally, the widgets tab. First, you have a Browser Prompt notification, which may not be changed due to the browser's security restrictions. But you can play with a prompt timer for both desktop and mobile. Pushowl allows you to show an attractive message to your visitors and urge them to subscribe via an overlay. You can turn it on here. Also, one more interesting feature, you choose to turn on a flyout widget which is basically the widget for a fake approval that takes place before showing the browser prompt for actual permission. Finally, reload your store to see the changes.

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We loved the PushOwl Web Push Notifications app for Shopify; its intuitive web design, amazing features and detailed insights gave us all the reason.

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