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Increase Conversion Using Quick View: Shopify App Review and Tutorial

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Research has shown that it takes 15 seconds to attract your customers before they bounce from your eCommerce store. So this gives you 15 seconds to get them to take any action on your store, and this is where Quick view comes in. 

Using Quick View, customers can now find all they need to know about a product in one click without loading the entire site. The Secomapp: Quick View Shopify app offers you all the functionality of Quick View to help you reduce shopping time, giving your customers an exciting shopping experience. 

Now, customers can quickly view product details from the catalog navigation, allowing them to make their decisions faster and increase conversions. Products can also be added to their cart via the Product Quick View popup included in the Secomapp: Quick View Shopify app.

Need to know more about the Secomapp: Quick View Shopify app, then this app review is right for you.

Features & Quirks
  • One-Click To Checkout
  • Auto-switch To Corresponding Variant Options
  • Promotional Bar
  • Add Guarantee Label
  • Add To Cart Button At Collection Page
  • Sale Icon With Total Save Percent
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Basic Customization
  • 1 Button Template
  • Zoom Function
  • Translation
  • Limited Thumbnail Images, Product Description

  • All Features In Free Plan
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Upsell Features
  • Quick Add To Cart
  • 1 Click To Checkout

  • All Features In Pro Plan
  • Free Designed Templates
  • Free Integration With Any App
  • Highest Prioritized Support
Full Tutorial & Review
Once the app is installed, you should be on the app dashboard. The first thing on the dashboard is an option to rate this app. On the right side, you have two options: settings and Pro version features. 
On the setting page and there are 4 tabs:    
General   - disable or enable "the quick view" template. Here you can also choose where to position the quick view tab and change button display on mobile. In case you want to send customers to the cart page after clicking Add To Cart, click on this button here.
Pop up - In this tab, you can customize the size of your popup and the number of words you intend to use
Colour - In this tab, you can, as you may guess, change colors. But this app allows you to change the color of each element in your popup. 
The translation is the final tab, and here you can translate the text, change font type, size and translate notification to the customer when an item is added to the cart.
After that, you have three options -  Install for the current theme, Reset default, and Save changes. You can choose to install the current theme as is. 
Next, you would note that you are left with a brand mark, but there are more templates for premium, as you can see when you scroll down. On the bottom right, you would find a static floating button for live support. 
To install your current theme, click on install, and a new pop up appears "We'll upload all Quick View file to your current theme; if current theme has Quick View file already, we'll overwrite it." 
Click on yes, and once this is done processing, your quick view is up and running. 
Next, reload your store, and check the changes you have made by running the cursor on top of your products. When you click on it, a pop up of your cart and the items in it should appear.
To uninstall the app, you also need to remove the code residuals from your theme. Uninstall the app from the Shopify admin and go to the theme code. This app will leave many things in your theme code, so we advise you to delete them all.
Click on Online Store in the Shopify admin, and from here, duplicate your current theme. That way, if you accidentally delete something, your shop is still safe. To duplicate your theme, click on Actions and from the drop-down menu, choose Duplicate. Now that your store is safe, click on Actions again, and now, from the drop-down menu, choose edit code.
Looking at the templates first. Here you would find a file that needs to be completely removed. Click on it, and in the new tab that appears, click on delete file. 
Next in line are snippets. Completely remove the 3 files, they are all related to this app, and you don't need it anymore. 
Four more files are left in the Assets. Delete the files as you already did in the previous steps. From the file point, we are all done, but there are still a few lines left. To jump to the theme.liquid, and let's search for a quick view. When you find a line of code, highlight, delete and save. Search the bottom of the page to find any more lines of code, this app, repeat the process, and the app should no longer be in your theme.
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Our speed test of the Secomapp: Quick View Shopify app on our demo shop let us know if this app affects store speed. Using our speed test tool,, we tested our demo shop before and after installing the app; we compared the results. Before the app was added, the total page size was 349KB, and after, it was 510, and this app added 11 additional requests.  

The Quick view button loads very quickly on mobile, and while there is a secomapp branding down there, it is barely visible. Need any help? Be sure to reach out to customer support via the contact form; if you can't wait that long, you can try to find the answer in the help center.

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