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Improve Facebook Marketing Using Recart FB Messenger Marketing app

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Facebook remains the most popular social media platform across the world, with over 1 billion users. Facebook Messenger follows closely as the second most popular app with over 300,000 active Messenger bots.

Facebook Messenger is a great way to connect with customers allowing them to place orders, contact you and checkout improving your businesses conversions and sales. Messenger is a new form of marketing that allows you to improve your conversion results by automating chat conversations with customers.

Recart FB Messenger Marketing app for Shopify allows you to convert mobile visitors making the subscription experience seamless with its two-tap that 3X Messenger + email, SMS opt-ins.

Using the pre-built flows, one-off promotions built in the Recart FB Messenger Marketing app, you can now engage customers and also motivate them to spend more. You can find all you need to know about the Recart FB app for Shopify in this detailed app review we have compiled.

Features & Quirks
  • 3X Your Messenger + Email, SMS Opt-ins
  • Automations To Build Conversion And Engagements
  • Re-Engage With Occasional Promotions
  • Offers With Sponsored Messages
Free 28-Day Trial
  • All Features Included
  • All Subscription Tools Included
  • All Automation Included
  • Sponsored Messages
  • Basic Support


    Monthly Fee Scales With The Extra Sales Generated By Recart

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • All Features
  • All Subscription Tools
  • All Automation
  • Sponsored Messages
  • Segmentation
  • Basic Support


    Designed For Brands With More Than $1m Annual Revenue. Starts At $499

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • All Features
  • 8X ROI Guarantee
  • Click To Messenger Support
  • Sponsored Messages
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Priority Support
Full Tutorial & Review
  • Once the Recart FB Messenger Marketing app for Shopify is installed, you’ll be taken to a start guide. The first page of the start guide is dedicated to the app info. With recart, you can add customers to your messenger subscribers list, keep subscribers engaged, send promotions, increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value; and creators of this app suggest that you should start quickly and then optimize every detail to fit your brand and strategy.

  • Next is account creation, where you have to input your email and phone number. This app allows you to add another team member as the email recipient. Fill in this real quick, and the next step is to connect your FB page. There’s a live chat option at the bottom of the page; in case you need assistance during the start guide, you don’t have to wait to be on the dashboard. Back to the start guide, click on the blue button that says connect, and a new window should popup. 


Give necessary permissions, and it should return you to the app. Click on the blue button that says connect, and after that, next. 

  • On this page, you should link your Facebook ad account. Just choose from the list and click on next.

  • Next, choose other form or popup and click on next; now it’s time for widget customization. Here in the start guide, you can only change the text for optin and discount widgets. Discount is not automatically generated, so you will need to do it manually in the Shopify admin. Moving to the dashboard, you’ll find a sidebar with the app features and settings.

  • Let’s start with the homepage since that is the page you’re currently on. You can find basic analytics about each of your campaigns on the homepage, the number of subscribers and the number of extra sales this app brought you. Let’s go to the conversion starters. 

You can choose to include: 

  • Wellcome popup
  • Sticky Discount Box
  • Self-service messenger popup and custom messenger popup integration, you will need a third-party app for these two conversion starters 
  • Customer chat - Allows customers to message your Facebook page via Messenger 
  • Discount Widget 
  • Add to cart popup and widget
  • And order page subscription, which allows customers to subscribe to your Messenger conversations

You can turn any of these by toggling this button from off to on, and in case you want to edit it, just click on this small button here. The editor is similar to the one on the start guide, but you can also change colors and checkbox skin. Click on Save and Enable, and you’ll be back to the previous page. 

Now, to check the next item in the sidebar, which is all abandoned carts. In this window, you will have an insight into all abandoned carts in your shop, how many were recovered, which ones have email, phone, etc.

OK, take a look at the messenger. You can include six automated campaigns in the messenger window, including an abandoned cart campaign with up to 3 recovery messages, photo reviews, and messenger fulfillment notification. In case you want to notify your customers about the latest news and valuable content, you can do that via instant messenger campaigns. 

And that is it! Now it is time to check what you have done, so moving to the demo shop. This all looks very good! Buttons are working, and the design is really good.

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We really like the widget design, and it looks a lot different from on all the other similar apps we reviewed so far. Also, another thing we didn’t encounter earlier is the Smart display. In case you don’t know what a smart display is, well, it allows you to only display a widget to users who are logged into Facebook.

It is time for the speed; using our free speed test tool, we analyzed our demo shop before and after adding the Recart FB Messenger Marketing app. We already have the results before the app was added and easily compared it in the history section. Before the app was added, the total page size was 349KB, and now it is 473, and this app added 4 additional requests.  

As usual, we ran a mobile test on the Recart FB Messenger Marketing app to see if Recart is equally impressive on mobile devices. Our mobile test had impressive results. Customer support is available via live chat and also on email. But the live chat should be much faster. In case you are stuck and want answers asap, you can always check Recart Help Center.

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