Automatically Backup Your Shopify Store: Rewind Backups Shopify App Review and Tutorial

Automatically Backup Your Shopify Store: Rewind Backups Shopify App Review and Tutorial

  • Once the Rewind Backups by Rewind Shopify app is installed, you should be greeted with the plan picker. This page also includes a live chat feature in case you might have some questions, especially regarding the plan to choose. Once you select a plan, click on start trial, and you should be on the dashboard, and the backup should be in progress. 

You should note that there is no progress bar. For instance, you can see as the backup is in progress but not how many percentages or how much time is left. The backup should be complete in half an hour. Once this is done, you can now try to do some damages to your store to test it out. 

To play safe, be sure to make changes that matter but also one you can easily fix. 

  • Return to the Shopify admin and start messing things up. First, delete some random things from the theme code, also go to the Online Store and then themes. From here, you will choose actions and edit code, delete some random templates and sections. 

  • Now going back to the website, you can see the damage done. It's time to go back to the rewind app and try to fix it. Go to the apps and choose rewind and on the dashboard, click on account Rewind. 

Account rewinds are used to rewind all items within a specific item type, or an entire store, back to a specific date and time. For the items that are going to be rewind, go with All item types, but you can always select only the ones that need to be recovered. You can choose from Blogs, custom collections, customers, pages, products, product images, Smart collections and themes. 

  • In the date and time section, first, you need to select the date you want your items to be restored. Click on select a date and simply choose the number from the calendar; you change the time from the drop-down menu. You now need to confirm your rewind, and that is it. 

  • Click on the red button that says Rewind, and a new pop-up window should appear. Once your account rewind starts, you'll be notified by email when it is done. Click on done, and you're back to the dashboard. 

There's not much to do on the dashboard, and you don't have a lot of things to play with; Rewind should've included a game on their dashboard just to have something to keep you busy. 

You should note that customer support advises that the most you can rewind to is the very first backup you took; that's the one with the ''complete'' theme in it. Trying to go back farther than that will do nothing, and going back to now will also do nothing. 

Once the rewind is done, you can go back to your store to see the changes that have reverted. Our test tutorial worked perfectly, and our demo store was returned to normal.

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