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Use Gift Cards for Your Loyalty Program: Shopify App Review and Tutorial

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Loyalty programs are all the wave now, especially with their success in improving brand loyalty. To create a proactive loyalty program for your Shopify store, you need the right app to help you each step of the way. 

The Gift Cards and Loyalty program app by helps Shopify store owners to create their custom loyalty program, improving customer relations. With the Gift Cards and Loyalty program app by, you can also personalize campaigns and loyalty programs as well as automated credit rules to incentivize your customers. 

You can also build a superior gift card experience that lets customers using the Gift Cards and Loyalty program app by We have carefully created a detailed app review on all you need to know about the Gift Cards and Loyalty program app by for Shopify, and you can find out all about them here. 


Best Features 

  • Build an enhanced Gift Card and Store Credit program on every Shopify plan.
  • Customers can send branded, digital Gift Cards and gift vouchers directly to gift recipients via Email & IM
  • Free Replatforming/Migration
  • Multi-channel capability
  • Establish automated bulk Gift Card & gift voucher based on triggers
  • Referral and affiliate marketing
  • One-Click Checkout



  • Recharge 
  • Bold Cashier 
  • Carthook



  • The Gift Cards and Loyalty program app by has 4.9 stars and 792 reviews, most of which are positive.



STARTER $19.99/month
  • 100 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • Advanced Gift Card Program
  • Manually Issue Store Credit
  • Store Credit Accounts


SMALL-BUSINESS $59.99/month
  • 400 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • All Starter plan features
  • Claim Page Customization
  • Check Balance Page


PRO $199.99/month
  • 2,000 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • All Small Business plan features
  • Apply Store Credit Button
  • Bulk Gift Card Creation


PREMIUM $599.99/month
  • 12,000 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • All Pro plan features
  • Multi-Store Gift Cards
  • White Labeling



competitor competitor competitor competitor competitor competitor Shopify App Tutorial

  •  You can find the app in the Shopify app store, and the installation is the same as with any other app. This app can build your loyalty program from the start guide, and it is so easy that it will only take you 3 minutes.
  • In the first step, you'll be asked some questions about your app, industry, profit margin etc.
  • In the next step, you will need to decide how you want to acquire new customers. You can do that by offering gift cards, promoting gift cards on social media, and giving referral rewards. allows you to reward a referrer and referred person with different amounts.
  • The app will recommend 3 workflows based on the AOV and a repeat customer rate in the third step. If you want to include it, just toggle the button from off to on and choose how you want to reward them. 

With, you can refund your customers with a store credit which can be beneficial since Returns can be a nerve-wracking experience for customers, with 59% of shoppers saying they want updates about refund status. Relax your customers by empowering your customer service staff to give a store credit refund as soon as the return is approved or confirmed.

  •  In the last step, you can decide if you want to launch your program or save it as a draft.
  • On the app dashboard, it looks very well organized; the design is similar to Shopify admin. The Sidebar is split into
  • Home
  • Manage
  • Services
  • Customization and
    • Integrations

Once you're done, you can go back to your store to see the changes you have made. The widget should be clearly visible, and when you click on it, you'll get all the information in the logical order.  



The Shopify app looks good on mobile, and it is also very responsive. This app makes it easy for customers to purchase and send gift cards. It also helps you set up and manage loyalty and rewards programs for your customers. It is intuitive to use and automates several tasks that would normally take a long time to manage.

Setting up a loyalty scheme is important for any business that cares about keeping their customers loyal and giving them an incentive to return. This app does just that and comes well-recommended.