Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown App Review and Tutorial

Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown App Review and Tutorial

  • As usual, start by installing the Sales Pop Master app from your Shopify app store. Once installed, you'll be automatically taken to the dashboard of the app. There you'll be shown a welcome popup where the app creators explain the functions of this app. 

  • On the dashboard. The dashboard looks ordinary; first, you'll find the progress bar; under it, there is an app analytics, a very detailed one with a pie chart. On the top navigation, there is a list of items:

    • Overview 

    • Sales Pop Settings

    • Sales Boosting Tool

And if you click on More, you can find FAQ and Pricing.

  • The first thing you'll do is to toggle the button and turn off notifications because you want to customize it before your customers can actually see it. Next, jump to the Sales Pop Settings tab. 

  • On the settings page first, you'll find the sales pop types. You can choose to show Products added to the cart or orders. If you don't have a lot of sales, your best option is to select products added to the cart.

Your popups will show recent products that customers added to the cart, and the system will automatically update the 10 latest products. Now that you have text on the popup, here you can change the title, product name, time and language. 

On the Sales Pop Master Shopify app, there are only 9 languages available. At EcomExperts, we can assist you with more than 9 languages.

Next in line is Layout: You can choose between 5 different options

  • Mini Sales Popup - suitable for any image sizes

  • Origin Sales Popup - again suitable for any image sizes

  • Radius Sales Popup- this popup is suitable for most image sizes

  • Round Sales Popup - same as for radius

  • Square Sales Popup- Popup is suitable for product images that are large in size.

You can preview the layout before moving on to the design tab. 

  • In the design tab, you have the option to hide the display time of products added to the cart on the popups. You can choose to always hide the display time, or you can use the smart hide feature. Smart hide feature allows you to show "Only orders or products added to the cart with a timeless than the time below will be displayed on the popups.". 

  • Next, you can also choose if you want to hide the close button and truncate the product name. You can then check both options and proceed to the color set.

  • You can choose between these preset colors, or you can manually change the title, background, product name color, product name decoration, and time color.  

Also, in the design settings, you can change hover settings, hover product name color and hover product name decoration. 

The design tab is finished, next is a countdown. In the countdown tab, you can choose from two options: countdown timer and countdown stock. For the countdown timer, you can choose if you want to automatically repeat the countdown timer when the time you set is gone, and also, you can change text, duration, and colors. 

  • If you are a paid user, you can also include a Quick view. When your customer clicks on the product name, a popup with a quick view mode about that product will show up immediately. This feature helps customers avoid being redirected to another page, focus on product details and boost sales. You can also preview how this looks. 

  • Moving on to the settings window, you are only left with the display options. Here you can choose only to show popups about the product that your customer is viewing, and you can also show popups randomly. You can go on to play with the position of the notification, time rules, the number of notification shown per page, and you can choose on which devices you want to show your notification.

Sales Pop Master allows you to remove "Verified by Autoketing" from your notification, even on a free plan. Save this notification and return back to the website to see the changes you have made.

Sales Pop Master allows you to add a countdown timer and a countdown stock under the add to cart button on the product page, and also, with this app, you can enable the cookie bar.

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