Best Email Marketing App for Shopify? Seguno App Review and Tutorial

Best Email Marketing App for Shopify? Seguno App Review and Tutorial

  • Once the app is installed, you should be on the app’s dashboard, which is simple and features the same design as Shopify admin, so in case you are not that technical, you will find your way around the app easily. 


  • On the dashboard, we have 6 options, the same ones as on the top menu navigation. 

    • Newsletter

    • Automation

    • Content

    • Subscribers

    • Settings and 

    • Changelog

Under this, you can find app recommendations, you can include gif images, request product reviews, and in case you are using Product reviews by Shopify, you can display product ratings in the featured products, product list, and featured collection sections. You can also add a new testimonial section to highlight customer reviews about your brand or products. 


  • To create a Newsletter, click on the button that says create and a new window should open; fill in the title, subject, and the preview text. 

  • In the next step, you should choose your email template, featured product and collection, collection list, and blog post. The last step in this window is to choose if you want to include the discount. Click on create a newsletter, and that is it. 

Back on the dashboard, you can find a preview of the email; you can check how it all looks on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Click on the Customize button to see how their customizer looks like. 


So if you ever customized your store, this would be easy. Send the test email and see how it looks in the inbox. Click on actions and choose test email. In case you are not selling to the English speaking area, you would be able to translate your email here. Here is the test email; it is looking ok. 


The last thing on the list is automation. Seguno allows you to automatically engage subscribers when joining and based on their actions, set up automatic follow up emails based on subscribers’ purchase activity, and you can also automatically engage subscribers when a tag is added to their customer profile. 

Here you can change the content of your welcome email, set conditions and see some basic analytics. And that is it!

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